As your big day draws closer, you will be extremely busy in the wedding madness, ordering the wedding outfit you’re obsessed with and bookmarking the best wedding vendors. As you must have ticked off the wedding catering, wedding cake, wedding flowers, wedding makeup and hair artist, there remain the much essential pre-wedding photo ideas that you shouldn’t leave out at all!

From incredible drone shots to documenting candid photographs to stunning pre-wedding cinematography, a pre-wedding photoshoot is something that has turned out to be a big hit among couples and you won’t regret having it later on. Make your shoot session stand out with these unique pre-wedding photo ideas and themes to get inspired. 

Transform Into a Mini You

Inspirational, creative and funny in its own way- that’s exactly what miniature pre-wedding photos are all about. Nowadays, miniature photography is a typical theme for pre-wedding photography. They just appear adorable and wacky, and essentially turn your pre-wedding album much more unique. However, photographers make the most of diverse techniques to bring out the very best poses of a couple in their mini-form.

Including Your Furry Friends

Is your furry friends an integral part of your family and life as well? Then why not consider featuring their lovable, furry faces in your pre-wedding photos? You can’t definitely go wrong with this one, either summon your own pet or visit a shelter for one!

For Those Melodramatic Filmy Duo 

Are you both a film geek? Then why not make your pre-wedding photos utterly filmy? Pick any one of the movies you would love to watch again and again. Then just recreate it anew on your photoshoot. Pick one of the most iconic movies which is full of drama. 

Love to Go on Picnics?

Do you both just love to take a stroll along a park, garden or reserve, carrying with you a basket of bread, fresh fruits, sandwiches to spend quality time sitting on the grass and spark up a conversation? Then a picnic theme can be your best bet. For your picnic shoot, be as candid or planned with them as you need. 

The Gourmet Duo 

Are you the kind who spend their weekends watching the American TV show Masterchef or simply say, love to cook together? Then you can’t get enough of this lovable cooking theme and just make everyone say wow at your pre-wedding photos. 

Cooking is a one-of-a-kind theme that couples prefer for their photoshoot these days. When you adopt a cooking theme, you’re in fact translating your liking towards food and cooking. In fact, those photos define you very well- the glee and pleasure you share with each other. 

The Art Aficionados Couple 

Introduce wacky graffiti to your photoshoot and watch your pre-wedding photos come to life with those patterns and colours. Let a cool wall be the backdrop and if you’ve found one, get yourself clicked. 

For Those Bibliophiles 

Bibliophiles love nothing more than books and more books(of course, besides their beloved). It’s rather loveable to get a wacky shoot amidst all the books. It would be an exceptional theme for an astounding photo shoot. 

More preferably, get clicked in a library. Without a shade of doubt, it will certainly uplift the whole mood of the shoot to the next level. 

Dramatic Look With Your Outfit 

Wish to add a touch of drama to your photoshoot? Then a flowy gown or a long gown can certainly create that dramatic look that you’re looking for. 

Up in the Hills 

Besides the beach, hills too make for a spectacular backdrop, and it’s romantic in its own way. Aptly clothe for the part and you’ll actualise the shoot of your dreams!

For Those Who Don’t Bother PDA 

If you both just love gazing into each other in the eyes, all the while holding hands, then just ensure to document your love in your photoshoot- it does make for some amazing shots. 

Love Fitness?

What else can be a better spot to get clicked than in a gymnasium, if both of you are fitness fanatics and love gyming together? Arrange a gym setting at your home or prefer to get clicked during the off-hours. Indulge in some of your favourite workouts poses that you both love. And when it’s all done with, your pre-wedding album will be just impressive. 

For the Sporty Couple

What’s more momentous for a sportsperson than that of the sports activity itself? Arrange a sporty photoshoot on a volleyball court or a rink or a soccer field replete with every prop. 

Feel the Romantic Rain 

Nothing screams love quite like rain. Experience the drizzle and get yourself some ardent yet cute pre-wedding photos. Let rain be the background to your pre-wedding shoot sessions and make the most of it in various aspects- Walking away in the rain, posing under an umbrella and more. Anyways, your rain themed shoot will turn out to be great. 

For the Thalassophiles 

If you wish to keep it simple yet to be at ease, then pick your favourite beach spot for some memorable moments. And you can also spend a day with your better half, admiring the sunset. 

For the Water Adventure Lovers 

If you’re an adventurous soul and experimenting is your thing, then you can certainly go for an underwater shoot. Remember, this is not for the faint-hearted! This pre-wedding photo idea can also be your best bet if you aren’t in vicinity to the beach. 

On Back Water Boats 

How can you forget boats, when it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots? Another great option for picturesque pre-wedding photos is on a boat, at the backwaters or a spectacular lake. It not just sounds dreamy, but even better when you do so with your better half! Just pick the right setting, and you’re good to go!

Into the Wild 

Are you the kind who is an avid nature lover? Then you both should obviously get clicked amidst towering trees and creepers. 

If Gazing at the Stars is Your Thing 

Like lovey-dovey dinners at the rooftop? And if your idea of romantic nightfall is watching the stars in lieu of each other’s eyes, then an ethereal backdrop would be ideal for your pre-wedding photos. 

Heritage Spots 

You can also show up at any of the heritage locations at close proximity around your city, for your pre-wedding shoot. It will look absolutely stunning and royal. 

Camels Beckoning 

Suppose if shores seem a bit cliched to you, then head to a desert for a one-of-a-kind shoot amidst all the camels and sand dunes. The desert makes for a splendid backdrop- equally timeless and romantic. 

Adding Props For the Drama 

You can never go wrong with colour smoke bombs as props for your shoot. And the results: pre-wedding photos which are full of life and absolutely vibrant. Create the right mood and setting using smoke bombs!

For That Fairytale Touch 

Have a fairytale-like love story? Are you that couple who absolutely believes that magic does exist in this world? Then go actualise a fairy tale themed shoot. 

A Splash of Colours 

Make the most of colour powders and splash each other’s face with them. The vibrant setting brought about by the pink, green, yellow, blue colours in unison will leave all your pre-wedding photos beguiling. It makes for some wow-worthy shots- with all the colour and glee. 

That Retro Style 

Get inspired by a Hollywood retro love story. Pick your favourite romantic sequences from those movies and recreate it for your shoot. For a couple of years, the retro style theme has turned out to be one of the most interesting pre-wedding shoot ideas. 

Let Your Vehicle Pose With You Both

Driving your most-loved car or bike brings out the swag in you. And this gives photographers a funky idea to let the couple shoot in utmost style. There are even couples who rent vintage vehicles to take their photoshoot a notch up. For instance, multi-coloured cycles, old scooters and more are vibrant props that make for stunning pre-wedding photos. 

Silhouette Shots 

Even shadows can recount heartening love stories via silhouette shots. And it’s entirely up to your photographer on how to make use of natural sunlight and rest of the lights to document perfect shots. Above all, it’s a play of lights. 

Stunning Backdrop With Ring-o-stars to Fairy Lights 

An offbeat yet trendy shoot which is Insta-worthy and has won the hearts of couples is LED effect shoot, which can add that glow to all your pre-wedding photos like anything. Let LED lights or fairy lights as the backdrop and see the magic!

These are 27 best pre-wedding photo ideas and themes that you can choose from, for your lovey-dovey photoshoot! The wedding photographers Sydney are extremely creative, so they come up with ingenious and innovative ideas for every pre-wedding photoshoot. And yes, of course you can get inspired by these themes and ideas as well for your photoshoot, and you won’t be disappointed!