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20 Funny Wedding Photo Poses for Your Wedding

Hurray!  After the rush of engagements, wedding planning, styling, and makeovers, the big day finally arrives. It’s time to have excitement, super joy, and fun. As we know, a wedding is the most memorable day in everyone’s life, so capturing those moments is an unavoidable part too. 

Now it’s trending in wedding photography to capture the fun moments of laughter, romance, dancing, etc. No wedding is complete without professional wedding videography. Some shots are captured preplanned, and some other poses are taken unexpectedly. The unexpected shots are original, reveal the story behind them, and will be the evergreen pose. 

In either case, your wedding photographers will capture beautiful images of your big day. Why don’t you attempt taking amusing images of your wedding that will remind you of the real moments?

Here are some funny wedding photo poses for your wedding. 

Funny Wedding Photos: Capturing Magical Moments That’ll Make You Smile

The wedding day is filled with some awesome moments, not only the romantic ones but also the fun ones too. Going through such fun moments will give you a fresh memory of your special day when you look back later. Here are some of the funny wedding shots that put a smile on your face.

1.  The Winking Eye

The funny winking eyes in wedding

Just for fun! bride shows that she is not at all serious about the tale she said.


2.  The Fun of Eating Together

 Fun of eating together in wedding

Who says eating together must be serious?  Following the party, the bride makes fun of the groom for turning away while eating snacks.

3.  Archery on Groom

funny photo - Archery on Groom

As we know, every time both squads play tricks on the bride and groom, this time the team uses archery to shoot red roses at the groom.


4.  The Little Siblings


funny Little Siblings in wedding

The little ones are always pretty at the function, the mainstay of the ceremony. Here is the little Sibling chewing the popsicle.


5.  The Beauty Queen Grandma

Beauty Queen Grandma's funny pose

For couples, grandparents are one of the most loving persons in their family. Here is the beauty queen grandma giving a fabulous hug as bride’s squad.


6.  The Centerpiece of the Ceremony

Centerpiece funny poses in Ceremony

Sometimes, grooms need to play more games with squads before seeing the bride. Here the squads are playing a  game of the person who acts as the groom with his photo.

7.  The Royal Prince

Royal Prince with funny wedding pose

Its the Indian ritual to get the bride after winning a war; only the brave warrior can get the princess. Here is the groom following the tradition with a sword. 

8.  The Balloon Popping Game

Balloon Popping Game - funny act in wedding reception


Every time, the couple has to perform some games to show their affection and way of thinking. Here, the couples showing the red and blue balloons agree and disagree on the questions raised by the guests.


9.  The One and Only Brother Groom

One and Only Brother Groom - funny pose


The sister-brother relationship is always special beyond the limits. Here the one and only brother groom shows his support to the three sisters. 


10.  The Romantic Kiss

Romantic Kiss with funny pose


Yes, squads, it’s high time to leave the couples for their special moments. The stunning candid moments shows the romance of the couple.


11.  The Pet Love

Pet Love - funny wedding photo

Here is the pet complaining to the parent to forget him from the photo shoot. The photographs reveal the affection of the pet, which will be an everlasting memory even after so many years.

12.  The Jump of Joy

Jump of Joy with funny pose

The funny pre wedding photos outbound the real happiness of the coming days. 


13.  Everytime Together

Every time Together with funny wedding pose

This is currently one of the funny wedding photo ideas. When the bride is carrying the bouquet, the groom chooses a smokey cigarette along with him.


14.  Gaming Together

funny Game in wedding


Enjoying the game together with the groom squad will be a memorable moment for the friendship.


15.  The Adventurous Tasks from the Squads

Adventurous Tasks from the Squads - funny poses

The arrival of the groom is on the drum; this will be an adventurous task given to the groom with their full support. 

16.  Funny Poses Each Other

Funny wedding Poses Each Other


Making silly faces at each other will show the childishness of the couple. This will be an everlasting funny wedding photo when you look back after years.


17.  The Screaming Romance

screaming romance with funny pose

The bride and groom radiate their happiness to each other. She is yelling her love to the world.


18.  The Bouquet Toss

funny Bouquet Toss in wedding


This funny photograph binds the joy of fun and happiness together. 

19.  The Food Thieves

Food Thieves funny wedding poses

It’s fun to steal the food from the pantry and share each other. When you look back over the years, this will be a magnificent shot.


20.  The Funny Bridal Pose


Posing the comedic flair to the shots will help to release the stress and add extra fun to the occasion. Here the bride chooses her pose naturally.

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One of the most demanding wedding shots that perhaps you will make is the Wedding party photos. For a wedding, it’s not atypical to have 5 minutes to wrangle ten half-sober people into a semblance of order. And so does ensuring whether or not one and all have smiling faces, their eyes are open, watch out for the flower girls, bride’s train and more so you’ve scores of things to remember and you are left with 36 seconds to get the bridal party shot!

As the wedding party photos make for a vital part of the vast majority of wedding revelries, you’ll appreciate this guide to create stupendous bridal party shots. 

Here are a few of the bridal party planning tricks that go a long way to make certain stress free, fun wedding party portraits for you and the couple!

You Are Literally Capturing Strangers 

Studio wedding photography ideas


It goes without saying that you have developed a relationship with the couple who are about to get hitched, but you’re literally just a stranger to their near and dear ones. This seems to be quite weird when you ponder over the significance of the big day. This is why you should be on your game face during the wedding party photo session. You have just a limited amount of time to make one and all warm, make them convinced to pay attention and click album-worthy shots of the entire wedding party. 

Get Your Plan Ahead


If you wish the session to unfold easily, then you need to plan your wedding party ahead. It’s wise to spark a conversation with the couple prior to the big day to let them know how long the images should take as well as which time will work best in their wedding timeline. This implies talking about:

  • The number of individuals in the wedding party.
  • What all wedding photography poses or groupings matter to the couple for the wedding party photographs?
  • The place where you capture the wedding photos
  • How long the bride and groom can expect these wedding shots to capture

Big Parties Call For Bigger Planning 

Australian wedding photographer


To be genuine- your idyllic wedding party merely has two bridesmaids and groomsmen each, a ring bearer, a flower girl and no tiny tots, and perhaps a few llamas. Added to that, photographers don’t get to choose the wedding party. When you have a big wedding party to wrangle with, you need to invest extra planning your wedding party shots. While talking through wedding party photo ideas, know:

  • The people who will be the man/maid of honour and best man or woman. You are supposed to make them stand adjacent to the bride and groom on their wedding day. 
  • Within the wedding party, are there any siblings?
  • Within the wedding party, are there any couples?

Think about posing possibilities within the wedding crew well ahead of time.

Remember Everyone’s Names 


Learning names of everyone in the wedding party will make them feel important as well. It’s easy to make note of it while you plan the wedding crew photo ideas. And on the wedding day, call each of them by name as much as possible. But if you’re not able to remember names, then nicknames will do. And remember that while you handle them, show respect and have fun.

Take a Shot of the Kids First


Kids, particularly tiny tots, have zero attention span for bridal party shots. It’s challenging to get a half-sober groomsmen to pay attention to the camera than to contend with a kid at a wedding, but it’s not the point. For a wedding party photo session, it’s important to get a shot of the kids as quickly as possible so that they can take a much-needed nap or use the washroom. Find out for which all photos of the bridal party there’ll be kids, prioritise it and capture those photos first. 

Be Wary of Awkward Pairs


wedding photographer in sydney

Posing faux pas is possible while you are contending with a couple of strangers at a wedding. That lofty man can actually be the bride’s new stepfather. And those bustling hyenas may actually be the groom’s nephews. 

Prior to the big day, preemptively inquire whether there are any couples within the wedding party whom you can pose together. And also don’t forget to inquire:

  • Are there any individuals whom I’m not supposed to pose together?
  • Should I be sensitive regarding any divorces or deaths within the wedding party?
  • All of these questions go a long way to avoid any discomfort or embarrassment within the portrait groupings. 

Stay on Top of Smallest Details 


It will merely take a couple of seconds to ensure that the minutest details are perfect, but that effort from your part makes your photos stand out. Watch out for errant hairs, backwards necklaces, bent tie, drooping boutonnieres, Bouquets not in perfect balance and more. Imperfections as these will be left unmarked in the end image, but the bridal party will thank your effort.

Wedding Photography Poses – Wedding Photography List of Poses

Wedding Photography Poses Ideas

Mix and Match 


In lieu of posing all the suit wearers on one side and gown wearers on the other, to pull off a more intriguing look, mix and match your bridesmaid and groomsmen. Find out whether there are couples among them so that you can make them pose together.

Unique Wedding Photography Poses


Who says wedding party photos need to be stationary, formal or stiff? Make the wedding party stride, nestle closer, jump, hop until you get incredible shots of genuine connection and broad smiles.

Posing With Staircase


Ask anyone who is not photographing and they will retort: Oh these stairs seem to be ideal for getting a shot of the wedding crew! But not all stairs are great spots for wedding party photographs. Close quarters, spasmodic lighting and uneven sunlight can be the stumbling blocks. If you have no other choice but to capture them on the staircase, then get a small ladder to lessen the perspective issues and add some light to those towards the back of the wedding party.

Have a Seat


You have countless posing possibilities when you include seating. If you’re within the venue, you can snag a sofa or a bench. When outdoors, you can simply locate some folding chairs and find a low garden wall. Make sure that no one occupies over dirt or pollen- particularly not anyone donning white outfit. 

Understand Your Power Poses 

wedding photos


Never hesitate to include various angles and movements into the wedding photography poses. Pose them in much powerful stances, from a low angle.

Getting a shot of the bridal party from low camera angles makes them seem looming and large. It makes for a strong pose ideal for any self-assured wedding party. 

Cheek to Cheek


Bring everyone cheek-to-cheek and emphasise more on their beaming faces for a simple yet cute photo. This pose will be perfect for bridesmaids, as they can cuddle cheek-to-cheek and show off their bouquets. The florist behind the florals will truly appreciate the photos that show off their effort. 

Try getting a shot from up above for a look which is more focused on the faces. To show off their outfit, take shots at a less dramatic angle and utilise a longer lens. 

Pretended Laughs Can be Real Fun


wedding photography ideas

You’ve probably seen those loveable laughing wedding photography poses in magazines. You don’t need to expect for it to occur naturally. On the wedding day, position the crew as required and then make them laugh. It can be louder, absurdly as required. They may seem goofy at the start, but those pretended laughs will give way to genuine laughs providing you with enough possibilities to capture some silly, yet funny moments. 

Go Atypical 


Why not give a creative spin to the wedding photography poses by showing off the bride’s train, lovely updos, intricate veils and stylish profiles with an over the shoulder pose? To enhance your photo, watch out for gorgeous landscape or architectural elements as well.

It’s all About the Backdrop

Artistic wedding photo


Make the landscape prominent when you’re photographing at a spot which is big on atmosphere. But make sure that the crew keeps the poses simple so that you can concentrate on documenting the scenic landscape. 

When capturing tiny individuals in a large incredible environment, look out for the horizon line and make sure you maintain the heads of your party in a clear spot. 

Casual Line-up


When there’s space, the most straightforward wedding photography pose is the casual line-up pose. On the wedding day, make the crew stand in a line, leaving space and then ask them to pay attention to the camera, then towards each other, then again at the camera and ask them to pretend to laugh. You will get countless styles and a variety of expressions. 

Throw in a handful of these creative, elegant and playful poses to add variety to the wedding photography poses! Trying some of these poses not just helps relax the wedding party but also gives way for some indelible photos too. 


Your big day will unfold in a whirlwind of activity- dancing, dining in and revelling your special occasion with your kith and kin. The last thing you want on your big day is to fret on where your wedding photographer is and also if they’ve captured those once-in-a-lifetime snaps or not. 

In lieu, you should be rest assured realizing that your wedding photographer in Sydney is by your side always and that they’re capturing everything you’ve yearned for. Good to have 60 shots of the detail in that wedding outfit that you are obsessed with for weeks, rather than having nothing at all. Once everything culminates, the only tangible thing that you’ll be left with, to reminisce about your big day is your wedding photographs. 

Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect wedding photographer in Sydney that best suits your budget & needs, and ways to properly brief them so that you get the wedding photos of your dreams. 

wedding photographer in sydney

Quality and Style of Photos 

Not all of them consider the fact that each wedding photographer in Sydney has their own peculiar style. But it’s a vital part of getting the snaps you need. If close-up photographs are something which is favoured by a couple of photographers, then high-end, posed, style alike magazines are favoured by others. But there exist photographers who love laid-back and natural looks. When it comes to editing, some prefer bright and light editing, while on the contrary, some prefer a moodier look. Research and determine the type of photos you love. Explore Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram to get inspired, and make sure you save those shots you really loved. 

And even though you can request your wedding photographer in Sydney to switch their style, it can be quite difficult since during wedding photoshoots various photographers will catch sight of various things and capture the way which they feel is more aesthetically gratifying. 

Every style can look its best, but you have to ascertain the style you favour for your wedding photographs. Before you settle for a wedding delve into a wedding photographer’s portfolio. If you love their style and you have a clear cut idea of what you envision for your photos, then certainly you’ll be content with the results. 

wedding photographer in sydney

Wedding Photography Budget 

A lot of couples set aside substantial funds to both wedding photography and videography out of their wedding budget. After all, once it’s all over, all you’ll have is your photos. 

One of the most paramount factors while finding the wedding photographer in Sydney is your wedding photography budget. But when it comes to wedding videography too comes into the picture, you might require more than one professional wedding photographer to work for your wedding, on the basis of a few factors. 

Take into account:

The size of your venue. Consider the case, when there are various guests in various spaces at a time that you need shots of, then you need to hire multiple wedding photographers. 

The number of snaps you’d like of the attendees. If there are near and dear one who will show up from all over the world, and you love to capture them as well, then it goes without saying that you need a large crew. 

The pace of your wedding. Is the pace of your wedding quite rapid, which calls for quick movement from your photographers ? Imagine how realistic it will be. There are weddings that last the entire day and entails moving from one venue to another, but others unfold at a languid pace. 

In addition to the wedding photographer will you be able to include a photo booth as well? It’s not just a fun activity for your near and dear ones, but it’s an easy way to make certain that you get more shots of your family and relatives revelling the day. 

wedding photographer sydney

Experience and Personality of the Photographer 

While picking wedding photographers in Sydney, you may assume that your personality doesn’t matter a lot but with wedding snaps, your wedding photographer will have time constraints to get certain shots. 

Your choice should be someone who is bold enough to justle your wedding group in a line, coerce your bashful guests to finally grin and laugh, meanwhile keep an eye on the time so that he won’t miss out that key shot on your shot list. He/she should be present at the right place and at the right time, instead of sparking up a conversation with the groom’s father when the first dance makes headway. 

You can expect all this from the right personality with extensive experience to know when, where and how to time your photos to perfection without being obtrusive. A full day wedding photography is entirely different from covering a product inside a studio, in which the photographer has got a lot of time in his hands. Capturing an event can be particularly fast-paced and it’s not meant for the timid ones. 

professional wedding photographer

Briefing Photographer 

One thing which makes the entire process much straightforward is a clear brief to your photographer. This will assure that you get all the right photos of your day. 

Take into account:

The style of photographs you need. Is it more glamorous or natural? 

The way you want your photographer to edit the clicks. Do you want something more moodier or airier, lighter and brighter?

Which all shots do you need? There are couples who prefer to have their wedding shot from the start until the culmination, plus the wedding preps and after-party. 

What are those absolutely necessary shots? Do you wish to have your photographer have your back all the time, or would you prefer they engage with your guests? If there are aspects of decor which you love to look back on, what are those?

You should be lucid on post-production and the way you’ll get the photos. What is the number of edited photos you need? Also, do you prefer prints? 

All these are paramount aspects of your brief. In order to make sure that you get the photos you need, check out the wedding photographs of others which is a great place to start. 

Also, let the wedding photographer in Sydney the images you loved, and those which you don’t. And make sure that you along with your photographer scope out the event space beforehand and determine the best spots as well. Try to find out the very best photo spots within the venue by conversing with them. 

wedding photographer in sydney

When You Should Start Looking For a Photographer?

It’s recommended that you should book at least 12 months before your wedding day. But if you truly wish that you don’t miss out on a particular wedding photographer in Sydney, then booking 14 months ahead of time is advantageous. But there exists a limit on how far beforehand you can start booking. Some of them don’t take bookings if it’s more than 18 months. So be mindful of all these factors.

Getting wedded is a once in a lifetime occasion, and owing to that it matters a lot that you take enough time to research and make the right decision. But the key is to settle for someone who is not just right for you, but also for your wedding. Once the day is done, you wish to be exalted with the outcome. Ergo, these tips point you in the right direction on choosing the right wedding photographer in Sydney.

An engagement shoot is something which helps you prepare for your full day wedding photography. Both the engagement shoot and pre-wedding shoot are essentially the same. They typically last for about forty-five minutes to an hour. An engagement shoot is all about practicing and couples can actually get to know their photographer beforehand- that’s the whole idea behind the engagement shoot. So when you have an engagement shoot, you will be much more relaxed during your wedding shoot than ones who don’t. This is because you really don’t have to be anxious about your photographer. Added to that, you will also get some beautiful photographs, which will capture you and your partner as future Mr and Mrs. 

Engagement shoots not just benefit you but also your professional wedding photographer as well- those predictable, controlled photoshoots gives them an opportunity to try, experiment and practice innovative photography techniques without being bound by the time constraints or pressure of a wedding day.

Of course, you don’t require an engagement shoot obligatorily and it’s alright without it. But there is a likelihood that you may look tensed on your wedding photos. Whereas it won’t be so when you commit an engagement shoot. It’s all about having and not having prior experience. Engagement shoots are both useful and much fun! Here are a few engagement shoot tips and tricks for the best session ever. 

engagement shoot

Set the Scene For Your Engagement Shoot 

Before heading to that local park for the shoot, ponder what truly inspires both of you and find out a place which reflects that. A home session may be right for you if you just love making coffee together, and curl around on the couch for watching movies. If you’re an adventurous duo, who would rather love to spend your weekends hiking, then mountains or forests is what you’re looking for. Never be apprehensive of including your favourite activities such as canoeing down a lake or riding bikes. If exploring new cafes in town is more of your thing, then simply book two tables and let the photographer capture you both. 

When it comes to location scouting, choose a location which has a profound meaning to you both, as a couple. It can be a familiar neighborhood which you regard home or a spot which marked a relationship milestone- your first date, your proposal, meeting parents etc. Or you can go the other way around and choose a place with spectacular views which better reflects your identity as a couple in one or the other way. It can be a serene beachfront, a twinkling city skyline or an intrepid mountain. Whatever be it, just ensure that you prefer a location where you know you’ll be comfortable cuddling or laughing and mostly chatting easily in the space. 

engagement shoot

Put on Something That You Are Comfortable in 

Most likely you’ve read some form of this engagement shoot tip before, but it’s something of great importance. If you wear an outfit which is too clingy or tight, then you’ll likely spend your entire session adjusting them or covering yourself all the time. If you prefer something that you’ve never worn before, then you’ll be fretting on your appearance while you’re wearing it, or may realise that it’s very badly uncomfortable, which can reflect in your photos. 

Suppose if you do buy something new, then try them out for a day out, with plenty of time to launder it prior to your shoot in case there’s any spill or mishap. See to it whether it’s comfortable or not, when worn with your new shoes. If you’re confident and comfortable in your dress, then it will in all likelihood, reflect in your photos. 

Choose Complimentary Outfits 

It’s always a great touch, if your engagement photoshoot attire complements with each other, be it in terms of pattern, color or texture. But make sure that you keep in mind the end results while coordinating your wardrobe. Do you want your pre-wedding photos to look dreamy, airy and bright? Then choose a nice pair of a dress shirt and dress pants for him and a lengthy silky gown for her goes a long way in achieving it. While your choice of outfit is going to stun on its own, they should look equally good with your fiancé’s outfit.

Engagement Photoshoot

Come up With an Activity 

It’s easier to take no notice of the camera around when you’re engaged in some activity. Stroll around the neighborhood or go for picking apples or engage yourself in your favorite table games with your fiancé. Nothing’s better than pre-wedding photos with genuine emotions, spontaneous laughter or natural movement. In fact, when you engage in some sort of activity, it’s much easier to bring about that kind of candidness. This also goes a long way to bring out the best in you- your heartfelt laughter, ardent gazes or merriment- everything you do which exemplify your connection with your partner. 

Hire a Professional Photographer 

It goes without saying that you get great snaps by hiring a professional photographer. Your pre-wedding shoot is such a special yet momentary chapter in your life, so you deserve to memorialise that time with marvellous photos together. 

It’s recommended to go for the same photographer for both the engagement and wedding shoot. This gives you a chance to become more comfortable and connect with that photographer better, before your wedding day, which makes for even great photos of your wedding. 

engagement shoot

Schedule the Shoot Around the Sun 

You might be aware of the golden hour- that ravishing time of the day prior to the sunset. If you wish to incorporate that beautiful golden light into your pre-wedding photos, then this is when you want to shoot. It’s important to be familiar with the time when the sun finally sets. You can download a weather app to know it, so your photographer gets enough time to shoot before all the light is gone. 

Whereas when it comes to early afternoon shoot, it sounds like a great time to click schedule-wise, but you need to bear in mind that during afternoons, light is very harsh since the sun is straight over your head. Early morning light can be exceptional, so you can think of a sunrise engagement shoot, just when the sun begins to rise, in case you are more of a morning person. 

Consider Professional Hair and Makeup Artists 

You can skip this tip if you feel like you’re good enough in makeup and hairdo. But if you’re someone, who is doubted with what to do with your hair or have never done makeup before, then you want a professional hair, and makeup artist who can do it for you before your engagement shoot. Photos need a bit more saturated makeup when compared to your everyday makeup. 

It can be a wise move to show up at the salon the morning before your engagement shoot so that both of you can get the makeup done. 
Your engagement shoot is so much more than merely an add-on to your wedding package. It’s not just a great chance to get to know your photographer beforehand, but it’s also an opportunity to discover your very best angles and spend time with your fiancé to take stunning photos for your wedding album.

Tying the knot is one of the life-changing decisions that you make in your lifetime. You need the wedding to be as special and unique as could be possible. Therefore it’s absolutely necessary that you prefer everything pertinent to your wedding with a strong interest. One of the most essential parts is hiring a professional wedding photographer. Ultimately, the one who helps memorialize your big day is the photographer. A professional photographer chiefly focuses on photography and captures every timeless moment with their cameras without giving anything a miss. Apart from this, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional.

Keep reading to learn about the ten compelling reasons why it’s worth it to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture your day. 


A professional wedding photographer has done it before- they’ve captured a variety of occasions and have been introduced to various conditions and subjects. They have a wealth of experience to draw from and typically capture alternative shots even if there’s a blink of an eye or anyone has a weird expression. They can make you look natural within any setting, and they’re well aware of the complex details of posturing. They have an idea of when the bride will pull that exalted grin on her face and how to get that emotional shot of newlywed’s mothers watching the bride and groom with their eyes brimming with tears. Also, they’ve got an idea of the way to get perfect shots even under difficult lighting scenarios.


A professional wedding photographer is ensured to show up on your wedding since they are bound by a legal contract. They can’t flake out on you before the wedding since they are obligated by the legal contract to be there except you say otherwise. If an emergency situation arises, then they’ll certainly have someone who will come as their replacement, who is also a professional photographer. 

Outstanding Results 

Professional wedding photographers capture big days as a profession, and therefore you can rest assured that they’ll strive to come up with the best that makes you content. This motivation is something that your friend or family member lacks(if you prefer friends or family members over a professional). 

professional wedding photographer


Professional wedding photographers have witnessed the worst and are ready to face it. They own things like a backup camera, batteries, and memory cards so even if something odd happens to the equipment that they use at present- camera malfunction, or if it’s misplaced, still there will be a copy of your precious photographs. They safely back up the photographs. Understanding this lets you feel certain and charged in the interim because you know you have stunning photos to await for. 

Quality Photographs

You’ll get unparalleled quality photographs when you leave your wedding photography to a professional. Professionals are well-aware of the ins and outs of their gear. They have both the knowledge and expertise to document your timeless moments in the perfect quality images possible. Moreover, they own all the equipment essential to flawlessly capture your event. They not just capture great photographs, but they also process the results, and in the end, you will be amazed by the flawless and perfect photos. 

Attention to Smallest Detail 

Professionals have an idea of how to capture the biggest and crucial moments of your big day, while also at the same time looks for those small and meaningful moments that may remain unnoticed. When you dream of your big day, most probably you’ll dream those big moments- walking down the aisle with your father or the reaction of the groom when he sees you for the first time. This is because these moments are much special. Your photographer will capture them all- those big moments, and being a professional, they are supposed to do so in a beautiful way. 

But professionals will also capture those in-between moments that you might have never taken notice of or one that occurred so rapidly that they may fade with time, from your memory. For instance, your mother and her mother holding hands as they watch together the exchange of wedding vows or even the flower-bearing girl holding your gown without your knowledge and watching you in awe!

Hiring a professional photographer to capture your big day not just lets you relieve those big moments, but the final photographs may capture moments that you and the others may never see or hear about otherwise. 

professional wedding photographer

They Make Your Work Easier

On your big day, you should remain happy, look great and pose for photos. But if you let an amateur capture your day, then from time to time, you might be forced to tell them what they should do. An amateur photographer means more work to you. Whereas, professionals have an idea of what to do at the right time. Moreover, they are creative, confident enough and are available every time whenever you need them. Professional wedding photographers are full of ideas and assuredly make your big day stress free.  

They Know What to Look For 

With a wealth of experience, they know how to pose couples, (and everyone), what shots they should look for, or how to get candid photographs. Even if you have certain shots in mind, when you let the professional know about it, they will be able to capture it in the way you want. Or you can believe that they will get you a broad range of photographs of your wedding, from the beginning until the end and everything in between. 

Feeling at Ease 

Weddings have both action shots and posed shots. You may have demanded some posed shots and some group photos, and so you want to feel at ease while the professional captures everything. A professional wedding photographer can make you feel comfortable and make you look natural in any setting and not weird and stiff. Those moments are a part of your big day and therefore, it must be enjoyable and fun. This skill of professionals is something which comes from years of experience, a lot of hours of shooting.

When you feel at ease, it will reflect in your wedding snaps. It also means you feel much more comfortable, you have more fun and won’t get stressed up or worried.

professional wedding photographer

Great Editing 

The most striking feature of professional wedding photographers nowadays is how much they’re advanced digitally. Thus, when it comes to photo editing, they’re adeptly skilled. By making the most of highly advanced digital technologies, a professional and world-class wedding photographer can provide the best post-processing for all captured snaps. A high-quality gear with up-to-the-minute features and post-photography software makes your wedding photos clearer, as well as enhance each feature. 

Great Package Deals 

Professionals every time offer great wedding photography packages, inclusive of photo editing, printing and also mounting. Most of these deals have rates which you can adjust and this is contingent on the number of photographers you need during your wedding and for how long you want to avail their services. Such professional wedding photographers capture hundreds and thousands of photographs on events such as weddings. 

Therefore if you wish to skimp as much as you can for your wedding, then you can do for other services that you need. Never leave out your wedding photographs to chance, since at the end of your big day, all the food and flowers will be gone, but what remains will be your wedding photographs. Your wedding snaps will be the lasting proof of one of the most exciting and important events that happened in your life so you want to get it right in the first place.

In Australia

Multicultural and traditional Muslim weddings

We in Australia are surrounding by multicultural society and the popularity of hosting a Muslim wedding has tremendously increased from last decade. When it comes down to, Bangladeshi wedding photography, Pakistani wedding photography, or in fact any Muslim Wedding Photo shoots, there has been quite a drastic boom in last few years, but as weddings have become grander, proportionately the number of wedding photographers have increased.

Now, how to pick a photographer as options are countless will depends upon the event and experience of photographers across various events.

In Bangladeshi and Pakistani Wedding, there are formal events such as Engagement (Ring Ceremony), Nikkah, Mehndi/Haldi and Reception and there are photographers who provide Bangladeshi Wedding shoots and Pakistani Wedding shoots to cover known events but an experienced photographer who also knows the importance of providing lifetime memorable experience in an elegant muslim wedding will also cater for :-

·       Bangladeshi Bridal Photography

·       Bangladeshi Pre-wedding shoot

·       Pakistani Pre-wedding shoot

·       Pakistani Bridal Photography

Also, in Lebanese wedding, Lebanese drums are traditionally used at the beginning of Lebanese wedding party to herald the entrance of groom and bride and get everyone on the dance floor, and Lebanese wedding photography is not complete without it.

Multicultural & traditional wedding images

Ella & Jesse Wedding at Peter Canisius House
After ceremony, we went to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, Bobbin Head for location photography, then returned to Peter Canisius House for reception.
RISS Productions covered photography & video

Gaye Holud Ceremony
Bangladeshi pre wedding event Gaye Holud which is like Haldi ceremony.
Amazing decoration by Symphony Events (https://symphonyevents.com.au/
Photography by RISS Productions

Brooke & Ben – Ceremony at Winmalee (Blue Mountains)
Photography by RISS Weddings

Qaisar & Komal Wedding
Multiple Day Pakistani Wedding Celebration
Photography & Cinema by RISS Productions
Makeup by Sana