Natural Wedding Photography

There is a lot of planning that goes into weddings to ensure that the day is spectacular and truly memorable. Every couple has different style preferences, whether it’s in the way they dress or how they decorate the venue. The choice of a wedding photographer is one of the most essential stylistic decisions that any couple has to make. Not just that, you need to decide on the wedding photography style before contacting any photographers. Booking first and learning about the type later could result in photographs that don’t suit your preferences. Photographers can develop their aesthetic independence as you explain to them what style you prefer. There are a variety of particular wedding photography styles that develop as a result of this.

If you’re interested in natural wedding photography, you’ll want to avoid utilising a flash or any other artificial light sources. To minimise unsightly shadows on your subjects’ faces, it’s preferable to use this technique for outdoor nuptials after sunrise and before sunset, or anytime during the day when the light isn’t too harsh. An aperture that admits more light into the camera is ideal for this type of photography, which results in better-exposed photographs in most cases. If you use the appropriate white balance setting while taking photographs, the colour temperature of the daylight will simply lead to warmer portraits with wonderful complexions.

The use of natural light is suitable for outdoor ceremonies and celebrations that take place before sundown. It’s also great for indoor events that have enough and specific lighting for photography. Natural light is preferred by many wedding photographers over the use of a flash in their work. For outdoor weddings, this is the best technique to use. Many modern wedding photographs are taken during the ‘Golden Hour’ when the sunlight is optimum for capturing high-quality shots with a prominence of nice and soft colours. Daylight, shadows, and contrast adjustment settings are all essential to working in this area of photography.

Natural Light Wedding Photography: A Simple and Elegant Style

Using pure natural light is unquestionably easier than using artificial light. Shooting with natural light requires less equipment and technical expertise than using off-camera lighting. Simpler does not imply that natural wedding photography is easier. Natural daylight photography is artistry like any other type of photography, and it requires a certain level of skill.

A lot of wedding photographs take place in daylight, often known as natural light, especially in outdoor wedding settings. Even though photographing in natural light might be difficult because of shadows, backlight, and direct sunlight, you can’t deny how beautiful the sun can be. The sun, sometimes known as “natural light,” is the source of all light. Natural light can change in a split second. The light might be hard or flat depending on the weather conditions. They all play a role in the construction of images and their style, from hues to reflections, and how they are used in generating wedding pictures.

A creative eye and a thorough understanding of lighting and equipment are still required to produce diverse styles while shooting in natural light. As a rule, natural light, including sunsets, tends to be preferred in the overall portfolio of wedding photographers and gives the photos a complete and candid touch. 

The Benefits of Natural Light Wedding Photography

1. Equipment Needed is Limited.


Using ambient daylight for wedding photography has the largest advantage of not requiring you to bring around lighting gear. To achieve your desired result, you can just employ the available light. There is no need to set up equipment every time you change locations, so you can spend more of the time taking images and enjoying the moment with your partner.

2. The Best for Portraits!

natural light wedding photography

Shooting in natural light has a positive impact on skin tones. Naturally, lit models might appear radiant when the light is gentle and indirect. The golden hour, slight shadow, and huge windows can all assist you to attain the desired look when taking images.

3. A Good Option for Couples who are Shy.

natural light photography

Many of your couples may feel self-conscious or uneasy in front of the camera at the beginning. For those who just use natural light for their portraits, the lack of a lighting setup may help them relax. Photographers are sometimes intimidated by heavy lighting equipment, which is reflected in the images. There’s nothing like a natural atmosphere to make you feel at ease in front of the camera with your partner and guests attending the wedding. 


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Tips for the Best Natural Wedding Photography


  • You should be aware of the time of sunrise and sundown on your wedding day so that you may schedule your shots correctly. We recommend discussing this with your partner in advance. There is a set timeline that all weddings follow, and keeping to it is also crucial for you.

  • If you’re shooting in the morning or late afternoon, tall trees and buildings that create shade can enhance your images. Dense vegetation canopies that do not have scattered sunlight can offer you the appropriate midday shadow when taking natural daylight wedding photos.

  • It is possible to soften the light coming through the windows by covering them with a translucent fabric if the light is too bright for taking pictures. There are a variety of ways to hang your tapestry and make the backdrop look magnificent. 

  • You can use fill the flash as a backlight or sidelight to bring out the intricacies of your couple’s apparel and add a glow to the shot. Using the sun as a backdrop may result in an underexposed shot of your pair. It will help you create greater contrast and allow you to shoot your pair and the sky more naturally by using a fill flash. Make sure to orient the reflector, so it shines directly on your couple. But if you use the sun to backlight your photo, you might be able to capture some gorgeous silhouettes.

  • For a couple’sFor the couple’s face, use a spot meter.  To make sure your couple is appropriately revealed, you can use the spot meter on their faces. In matrix or comparative metering mode, your camera considers the total exposure of your image. As a result, your couplr would appear darker and brighter with backlighting. The distinction will be maintained if you position the couple against a deeper backdrop to create magical photos.

To put it simply, natural wedding photography is when the photographer does not dictate or direct but merely examines and covertly photographs authentic, un-staged and spontaneous moments as they evolve spontaneously.

When you hire a natural-style wedding photographer, you won’t notice them too much, but they’ll be there the complete day, capturing candid moments amongst family and friends. A fundamental thing to understand is that a photographer should not interfere with the day’s ambience or flow in any way but create a beautiful memory for you!

Riss productions offer the best natural wedding photography services for your dream wedding, and we have expert photographers mastered in natural wedding photography to give you the most beautiful memories for a lifetime. We pay close attention to who you are as a family and what you enjoy doing together. When our specialists arrive on your big day, we know precisely what you want and how to capture it. Your day may be full of love, suspense, and enchantment when you have our experts for the best wedding photography. Contact us today or visit our website for more details!