Wedding Photography Costly in Sydney?


Weddings are considered to be the most special day of your life. The day of unity. The day of love. The day of families gathering together to betroth two souls together. Because of the importance of this D day, everything and every decision we make is extremely crucial for the wedding to be turned into something magical. 


Wedding planning can be a hectic process, starting from deciding on the venue to various amenities like food, venue decor, guest rooms, etc., and preparations for pre-wedding and post-wedding functions. On top of all this hiring, finding the best wedding photographer is the most challenging part. If everything else in the wedding is perfect and you don’t have beautiful pictures to preserve and cherish, that can be quite devastating. 


As we all know, wedding photography in Sydney is quite expensive compared to others. But while you are deciding on the wedding photographer for your special day, you might wonder why they cost so much. Let us give you a clear view of this. 


If you choose to hire a cheap wedding photography service because it is affordable, then it will be a grave mistake that you will be making. A wedding dress or wedding decorations are temporary. The decoration will last for a day, and you might not even wear that dress another time. But the pictures, they stay, they are your look back to the amazing moments when you decided to share your life with your partner. So always go for the safest and quality option rather than going low on budget.


Do not worry, as we are here to break down the aspects of why wedding photographers cost a fortune. If you are someone from Sydney who is doing the research in finding the perfect wedding photography services there and needs clarity on why they charge this much for wedding photography in Sydney, then do not miss out on this blog. This might come as a lifesaver.


The Preparation

preperations riss photography

When it comes to a wedding, it is not just a one-day work as it might seem from the exterior. You are hiring a wedding photographer for the entire event. And not just the wedding day. There will be pre-wedding functions as well as post-wedding functions. Your wedding photographer might need online inspirations of different ideas and poses for the wedding photoshoots. He must skim through the venue surroundings as well as his photography limits. This is another set of hours for them. 


In order to ensure that the photos look lively and spontaneous, he needs to set up a rapport with the bride and groom as well as their families. This is not an easy task. Before the main events, they need to have a mental picture of what they need to capture and what they should not. This takes a lot of time if he is a dedicated person who wants to make the best out of your wedding.


If he is determined to give you the best output he can in all the events, then there is a lot of homework involved for him. And this should be a major consideration while you analyze the budget for their services. So when you come across a moderately expensive budget, you should take into consideration all of these factors and how much homework is involved for the whole wedding events for which he is being hired.


Time And Patience

Photography is a very sensitive job. There are a lot of aspects that should be taken under consideration in a photography gig. A wedding is a magical event that can happen to a person once in a lifetime. We do not get do-overs or get another chance to recreate the magic once again. The same affects the work of your wedding photographer. Photoshoots are time-consuming. What is visible for us is 7 to 8 hours of work.


But what goes behind is numerous retakes of pictures and a lot of lighting arrangements, frame settings, and the effort to capture the right moment. So what you are paying for the wedding photographer is also for the incessant effort and time they put in to make your wedding album special. 


Since it can get frustrating easily, they have to be extremely focused and calm in order to coordinate and finish the work in time. This takes a huge amount of patience. In conclusion, the time taken for the miscellaneous setups and the patience they show is worth the money you are paying your wedding photographer. 


The Equipment


A good photoshoot stems from extraordinary photography gear. For an extensive wedding, he must have a camera with high-resolution quality and probably the best in town if you need that picture-perfect result on your wedding day. But it doesn’t end there. A good enough camera alone won’t cut it. It needs fitting equipment like different types of lenses, tripods, quality lighting equipment, drones if needed. These all are a package to get that epic wedding look book. And all of this doesn’t come cheap.


For example, different types of lenses come in handy to capture a special moment like the marriage vow ceremony or the groom kissing the bride. A lens is specially dedicated for long shots while the other one is for a close-up. And the most important lens would be the one that helps to click the portraits of people. Lenses are a must-have to completely explore the features of the camera. 


Other than these, they should possess backup equipment, extra memory cards, different kinds of flashes, and also spare batteries, all of which are very much expensive. All of this might have cost them a fortune, so it’s only fair for the wedding photographer to ask for a decent amount of remuneration for the equipment they choose to use for your wedding.



More than a wedding photography service, wedding photographers are artists. Only a creative person can think of diverse ideas and pictures for your wedding. And their talent should be something given worth for. 


It must be for their creativity that they have a huge following for clients, and hence they are charging for the talent of photography too. And this is not a bad thing to be charged with when it’s completely their effort to put in thoughts and come up with beautiful ideas just to make your wedding photos different and unique from the crowd.


They must go through different stages of shooting techniques, how and where the photo frame should be set up, blending in with the guests and the whole wedding venue to create the rawest and candid moments and to capture the moment. This takes immense dedication and imagination powers. They spontaneously think of poses and try better methods to give you what you are looking for. So here you are also paying up for their talent and creative space. 



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Miscellaneous Expenses


Being a professional wedding photographer, there are a lot of legal procedures and costs involved. They have to file documents for insurance for all of their gears as well as for damage control. 


There will be backup equipment costs involved if there is something wrong with the main camera and they have to cover it. There will be different software they use for their work for developing the photos and videos from the weddings. All of this doesn’t come free and costs a certain amount each month. This is added to the wedding photography package they charge, and it is only a fair addition of value-added services. 


Photo Development

All of the fieldwork and manpower involved in a wedding is being done in a few days of time, from all the functions to the big day. But the main hectic work schedule starts after the wedding photography work. That’s the editing and development of the taken pictures. This is the most time-consuming task for a wedding photographer. 


In order to get that perfect shot, the photographer needs to take multiple clicks. At the end of the event, he would have thousands of photos to sort through. From this plethora of photos, your wedding photographer needs to arrange them into the best ones, average ones, and invalid ones such as blurred or distorted images. This can be a pretty tiring process and involves a lot of time. 


The next process is to edit each and every picture according to the nature and lighting in the picture. This is more time-consuming than the sorting of pictures and needs a keen eye on which effect goes with which. They will edit the photos according to your preferences on how you want them to be developed into the wedding album. So when you are settling the bills of your wedding photographer, keep in mind that it is not just clicking your wedding pictures but also delivering them to you in the best quality. It might take a while for the completed product to reach you because they will have another wedding to attend, another couple to work with and another memory to seize.