There are a million reasons why we are all obsessed with weddings. Even a single thought of it takes us to cloud nine with visions of vibrant hues, enchanting gowns, breathtaking locations, subtle yet on-fleek jewellery, and most importantly, captivating photography. And who isn’t mesmerised by the stunning candid photographs? We can’t reiterate enough how important candid wedding photography is for a gorgeous wedding album.

Our wedding album would be totally incomplete without the natural, candid shots that otherwise aren’t captured in our prepared photos. Candid photographs breathe new life into our wedding albums. It is priceless and undoubtedly ageless. Candid photography nails the spirit of real-life moments on your special day. Just like everything else on your checklist, your wedding photographs need to be flawless too.


Narrates Your Story Better Than Posed Shots

Narrates Your Story Better Than Posed Shots

Your wedding photographs must be as exceptional as your wedding, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. These are the moments you will cherish eternally, so why not make your signature statement with the best candid wedding photography?

Candid vs. Posed Shot

Candid vs. Posed Shot


The capacity to present oneself professionally or with self-assurance is at the heart of a posed photograph’s meticulous preparation. Candid photographs are, as their name implies, photographs taken in unstaged, everyday situations. The beauty of the subject and the moment are both fascinatingly captured.

You are undoubtedly going to have a number of photographs in your wedding album that touch your heart. Yet candid shots are the ones that are going to make your heart flutter; they capture the true essence of your priceless moments on the big day. Your wedding day is very special, and you deserve to have the best photographs of your kairiotic moment.

Candid Shots Breathe Life into Your Memories

None of us are strangers to the fact that candid shots bring back memories. Photographs taken at the moment have an impressive capacity to rekindle moments we are most fond of. Likewise, our wedding album must be a perfectly balanced compilation of elegantly posed shots and emotionally- charged, vivid candid ones.

Candid Shots Breathe Life into Your Memories

And given the times when almost everything is venus, who doesn’t have an amazing wedding album? So, ours must be delightfully exquisite and chic for it to stand out. Like every couple’s journey, the photographs in our wedding albums tell a unique tale. Let’s just not make our record like every other one out there and plump for a quirky and unique wedding album. If you are on the lookout for the benefits of candid wedding photography, the list of perks can’t cease to amuse you.

Tips for Candid Wedding Photography 

Couples have grown quite blase to the usual formal shots at weddings. They want to experience something different and more lively; they are looking for more candid shots. It could be really tricky to get fabulous candid shots without people noticing. Let us have a close look at the top 10 candid wedding photography tips.

1. Keep Your Camera Ready, Always


Keep Your Camera Ready, Always

When it comes to candid photography, it is paramount that you always be ready with your camera, as you never know when the moment will strike. In an instant, the opportunity can take us by surprise, and we can’t wait a while to pull out the camera. The camera needs to always be in our hands. It must be shot-ready with all the base settings, such as ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, and it must be adjusted accordingly to the environment. And yeah, we can never overemphasize the importance of extra memory cards and battery charges.

2. It’s All About the Focus

Do Away with the Flashes

You surely intend to click your candid pictures without being noticed. For that, you need to try to shoot at a longer focal length than usual. Use a long lens-you could check out a 135mm prime, a 70-200mm zoom, or an 18-200mm zoom.

You got it absolutely right; you get a better candid shot if you stand further away from the subject. They tend to be more relaxed when they are unaware of your presence or that you are snapping pictures; hence, you are one step closer to naturally candid photos. This way, you can get your shots without intruding on the personal space of the person you are photographing.

3. Do Away with the Flashes

It’s All About the Focus

Get rid of that flash right away if it is candid photography poses that you are looking for. People notice the flash instantly, and we know how irksome that can get. Keep your flash at bay just for candid pictures.

You can look for other ways to get your picture lit, boosting up the ISO, opening your aperture, and dropping your shutter speed. The end result is a slightly brighter image that does not startle your subject.

4.Click Lots of Shots

Click Lots of Shots

This is again a cliche, but the more shots you take, the greater your odds of getting spontaneous moments captured. Don’t let your camera off the hook and indulge in a burst of shots. This is the only way you can get a hold of the array of expressions in your subject.

5. Follow the Fun

Follow the Fun

This may again sound really basic, but it is as simple as that. Follow the giggles. Head with your camera to the places where people are having the most fun. There are surely spots where people are enjoying themselves a lot. Take their lead, and you will get a plethora of amazingly natural and fun candid shots.

6. Position Yourself Artfully

Position Yourself Artfully

Candid are meant to capture the beauty of moments that may strike in a matter of seconds. And you have to be prepared when that happens; you don’t get precise minutes to prep yourself while it happens. So you have to plan ahead for what’s going to happen and where.

Be ahead of schedule. For instance, if it is meant to be a church wedding, be there before the service is intended to take place; likewise, for a garden wedding. You cannot rush around for pieces of equipment or memory cards, as the moments get past you in the blink of an eye. Position yourself tactfully and prepare beforehand for the events to take place.

7. Click While People Are Doing Things

Click While People Are Doing Things

Our candid’s must feel lively and compelling. It’s one step ahead to photograph people doing things rather than clicking them while they are idle; this way, your picture looks much more riveting. Your subject need not be doing something very big or significant when it comes to activity. They could be engaging in lighter moments while you click them. 

This simple technique adds spark and life to your candid photographs. It’s all about the timing too, so don’t wait to get that shot. Get it done right away!      

8. Click the Club

Click the Club

Photograph people with their buddies, with other people, and in groups. This not only widens the scope of fun and laughter but also brings bonds and relationships into your candids, effortlessly adding life to the picture. This tip makes your candid wedding photography so much more spellbinding than the singular subject clicks.

9. Pay Close Attention 

Pay Close Attention 

Getting candids at a wedding might not be an easy task, as a lot is happening simultaneously. Pay close attention, as it is all happening pretty fast. And as said, beauty lies in moments and in the simplest of things. So to get your shot, you must observe. Make the most of your caliber; the rest comes with practice.

10.  Switch Your Perspective

Switch Your Perspective


Your stance, no doubt, must be awesome, but a little change doesn’t hurt. Photos generally taken from a standing height are totally fine, yet there are a lot of positions that might yield some quirky shots. Get down on your knees, try different angles, find a great one, and get the perfect shot that you have been waiting for. If the low angle doesn’t feel good, find the one that works best for you.
Don’t hesitate to explore your creative arena, as you never know what you could find. A wedding album has to have an excellent balance of posed and candid shots. The finesse of both styles of photography could be merged to create a versatile and stunning wedding album.

Choosing the Perfect Candid Photographer for Your Wedding

We know wedding plans leave you feeling ambivalent. It is all a rush, and you want to do the best you can. The priceless moments of your nuptials deserve to be reminisced about. And looking to choose the right photographer for your wedding photoshoot could be a strenuous task. So take a moment, breathe, and calm down because we’ve got you covered. Check out the best wedding photographers in Australia.

Choosing the Perfect Candid Photographer for Your Wedding

Top 4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Photographer

You’ve already begun your hunt for the perfect photographer for your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoot. We would like to ease your stress by telling you where to look. Here are the top 4 places to begin with.

1. Social Media

Browse through different active social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. These are some of the obvious ones, but at times like these, when almost all businesses are going online, you will doubtlessly find something that intrigues you.

These might give you the immediate gratification you are looking for. You can have a look at the different photography styles of different photographers. Something might catch you off guard while you swipe images on your phone.


2. Google
This might be the most fundamental one, yet it helps. It is the simplest one and a great place to check out the most established photographers. These are the ones Google finds reliable and credible, and so will you. Take a look at the photographers that Google has positioned on its initial pages because they have earned it. Know the difference between organic results and the ones that pay to be there.


3. Magazines and Gazettes

There are excellent media to get a hold of the best wedding photographers in Sydney. Magazines enjoy huge audiences, and most of them might have a digital presence besides their usual print publication. So flip through the pages of your favorite magazines, as they usually feature premium and exquisite wedding photography and photographers.

Publications like magazines are trustworthy since they don’t publish just whatever they feel like. They examine everything thoroughly prior to publishing. They keep a keen eye out to see if the work and photographers are in line with and representative of their brand.


4. Word of Mouth 

This one can totally take you by surprise. If you just attended an amazing wedding ceremony or saw an amazing wedding album, be it from family or friends, you know where to start. Sometimes it happens that you find what you‘re looking for in the most unexpected places.

You could gather honest reviews from people who had real-time experiences with photographers. Their feedback will be a mixture of what they loved and what didn’t work for them. So this helps you get a clear idea of what aligns with your interests and needs. Listen closely to learn about their experience. You could understand what suits you best.

Plan your Budget

plan your budjet

Gather all the information you want about candid photography poses and awesome wedding photographers in Sydney. At the same time, be very lucid about the budget. While you might carefully plan the entire budget for the wedding, do not skip the photography budget. Request prices for candid wedding photography if you wish to plan your wedding package right away.

Follow the Flourishing Trend of Candid Wedding Photography

Follow the Flourishing Trend of Candid Wedding Photography

Nowadays, everything that’s amazing is on trend right away, and candid wedding photography is no exception. It is fascinating how candid shots capture a spontaneous moment, a breathtaking moment, and little things that are so special. And these moments cannot be otherwise recreated in staged shots or studios, and if they can, they possibly can’t hold the real emotion of the moment. 

It is beyond exhilarating to see every candid shot narrate a splendid tale. By now, we have clearly acknowledged the importance of candid photography. This wedding season, let us not just indulge in wedding photography but hire a professional wedding photographer who specializes in candid photography.

If you are in pursuit of professional wedding photographers located in Sydney, Riss Productions offers top-tier services throughout Australia. You may rest assured that the services you receive will be of the highest quality and excellent value. Endless services for your wedding photoshoot are our area of expertise. It has been nothing less than a pleasure to be a renowned brand in wedding photography. And if you are looking for the best candid wedding photographers in Sydney, Riss is surely your best shot at it.