10 Fun Tips For Shooting Birthday Photography & Videography

Every one of us has, at one point in our lives, taken photos of dear and loved ones. When a family prepares for a child’s arrival, the amount of warmth showered on the child is enormous. Each one of us has experienced the numerous emotions a baby can evoke in us. Seeing a baby is like falling in love once again. The indescribable feeling in the pit of the heart and the overwhelming love you feel for the tiny baby are massive. Now imagine that this tiny bundle of joy is going to celebrate her birthday. 

It is unquestionable that to be the coolest aunt, uncle, sibling, father, or mother, you should be aware of certain tips for shooting fun birthday photographs and videos. This can earn you bragging rights for decades. Birthday photography does not only include kids, it can also include adults. You are never too old to celebrate your birthday. Birthdays are special and should be celebrated at every age. These are tips that will help you capture amazing photos of the person celebrating the birthday, be it a toddler or an adult.

10 Tips for Memorable Birthday Photography & Videography 

  • Setting a theme for the party 

The birthday party can have a particular theme, and the guests should dress up according to this theme to bring a festive mood to the party. Photos taken at a traditional birthday party fade away compared to those taken at a theme party. You can even order the birthday cake and decor according to a specific theme. Some very common themes used in birthday parties for kids are fairy tales and superheroes. Choosing a theme can also be used for birthday parties for adults.

The novelty of celebrating your birthday as a theme party provides wild joy and brings forth the child within you. All these themes and decor help create beautiful photographs of birthday parties. Years later, the photographs of the birthday party may bring you the same joy as the day it was hosted. It can also make you laugh out loud as you recall the insane antics of both the guests and yourself on that day. Hence, theme parties help snap great birthday photographs.

  • Capturing the details that showcase the ambience

Birthday parties can have very minute details that increase the beauty of the party. Thus, birthday photographs should include shots of the event photography and the decorations used in the party. Each of these decorations may look unimportant, but the story that these decorations want to convey should be captured through birthday party photography.

Consider that a birthday party venue is filled with flowers and balloons It may seem insignificant to you, but it might be a precious memory to the person celebrating the birthday. Hence, try to capture the details of the birthday party since these details may carry meaning for certain people.

  • Candid shots

Candid newborn photography


Many of us might have often compared our different photos to find the one that makes us look the most beautiful. After searching through the whole set, you might, at last, find a photo, and most probably, it will be a candid shot.

Candid shots are the best photographs because they capture you in a comfortable atmosphere. Another tip for capturing a fun birthday photograph is to direct your cameras to unexpected locations and take candid shots of these people. These candid shots make you look natural and beautiful while also helping us understand the true vibe of the party.

  • Photographs of the guests

Your albums and galleries are filled with your selfies and family photos but a fun birthday photo shoot is only complete if there are enough photos of the guests who attended the party. 

Without the photos of the guests, the albums will look monotonous and dull. Repeated pictures of the same people in different locations do not complement the photography skills of the photographer. 

To make the birthday photography more interesting, we should include photos of the guests who attended the ceremony. These photos will also remain as a token to remember the vibrant birthday party.

  • Creative poses

Creative birthday photography poses

A person’s photography skills are only acknowledged if his photos are both beautiful and innovative. To make the photos innovative, we should use creative poses.

When it comes to wedding photography, we can hear the photographer’s voice directing the couple to stand in different poses, and the couple cringing at different poses. Later, you realise that the photos of those poses turned out great.

Thus, we realise that poses are as important as skills for photography. Creative poses can help to capture birthday party photography in a new light. Though it may look ridiculous in the beginning, the photos will turn out great with creative poses.

  • Building a narrative for the video

Birthday parties are not constrained to only photographs. It can include videos that record the whole celebration without missing a beat. Therefore, videography plays a significant role and records birthday celebrations.

A fun way to record a video of the birthday party is by using a different point of view to capture all the events at the party. Hence, finding a new perspective or creating an interesting narrative is one of how we can create a tape of the birthday party.

  • Understanding the setting of the party

The most important thing a photographer or videographer needs to have is a good sense of their surroundings. They should perfectly know the layout of the venue to understand and move accordingly. 

It is only by understanding their environment that they can predict when to capture the “one in a million photo.” This information helps the photographers manoeuvre through the guests effortlessly. Birthday photography and videography are situations where their understanding of the setting should be top-notch.

Birthday parties can have very special moments, and the videographer or photographer should always be ready to capture them. To capture these moments, he should cut through the crowd, similar to when Moses split the Red Sea.

  • Capture  a lot of videos

birthday photography

One of the advantages of both photography and videography is that you can record as much footage as needed and discard any that is unwanted. While recording a birthday party, plenty of videos should be saved, since these videos can be edited to create a masterpiece.

By capturing a lot of videos of the birthday party, we are ensuring that not even one moment is missed. These videos later become special memories; thus, it would be a sin to even consider being frugal while capturing videos.

  • Recording the natural interaction

Just like how candid pictures are the new trend, open videos are more sought-after than scripted or forced interactions. To get the needed footage, it’s better to let them talk to each other naturally than to force them to.

Birthday parties can be private or open to the public, so the videographer should try to capture as much as possible in the time they have.

Forcing people to talk just for recording causes a feeling of artificiality. So at a birthday party, along with the birthday photography, the videographer should record the guests in their natural atmosphere by being discreet. The tone of the birthday party in the video is determined through his recorded videography.

  • Taking pre-birthday photos and videos

newborn photography

Nowadays, pre-wedding shoots are gaining a large following. Then why not a pre-birthday shoot? Taking photos at a picturesque place while wearing an ostentatious dress might rub many the wrong way.

However, these photoshoots or videos give us plenty of opportunities to snap traditional birthday photographs or videos at leisure and our own pace. They are also willing to try out a new photo or video techniques, but none of these things can happen on the day of the birthday party because there isn’t enough time or room.

Hence, the photographer or videographer should arrange a pre-birthday shoot to showcase his talent.


All of us have heard the statement “age is just a number” at one point in our lives. However, you may find it fascinating to know that many fear the fact that they are growing old and that they are on the path to death. Maybe that is one of the reasons why adults do not want to celebrate their birthdays.

It is certain that at a point in life, we age backwards. If you look at the human cycle, we see a very evident pattern. We are excited to celebrate our birthdays until we are teenagers, but as adults, we fear the concept of ageing, and it is only when we reach old age that we regain our childhood vigour to celebrate birthdays.

Thus, birthdays are special because either they are the start of the cycle or the end of it. Because of this, it is very important to take pictures and videos of birthday memories so that we can look back on them often. These 10 tips will help you capture memorable birthday photography and videography that will remain with you throughout your life.