Best Time of Year to Photograph a Wedding


A wedding is one of the most important events in our life. It’s a day of union of two souls — a day of prosperity, joy, and love. And no one wants to ruin preserving that memory for a lifetime by making the wrong decision in the case of wedding photography. When it comes to capturing your wedding moments, there are many facts that should be taken under consideration. The quality and good work of the photographer, the amount of time they are investing in, keeping the whole wedding album sophisticated and candid. But all of this would end up being a failed attempt if you didn’t choose the right time of the year to conduct your wedding.


Choosing the right time is a very crucial part if you are someone who gives prominence to a perfect wedding without any flaws and wants to capture it all in the frame. Even a small lighting difference can make a huge difference in the photograph. Let it be good or bad. So let’s see some relevant ideas that could help you with the decision of choosing the best possible time of year to photograph your wedding.


The Ideal Season


A wedding proposal or the decision to get married might be swung up on people unexpectedly. But deciding when to get married is always a well-thought-out choice, so make no mistake in fixing the date for your D day. In this, which season you are choosing to get married can greatly influence your wedding photographs. In the case of a winter wedding, you might face a lot of difficulties getting a proper space with enough lighting or looking crisp and sharp in the pictures. Because the sun is always in the shades, you might not obtain enough sunlight, and the photographs may look extremely dull. In summer, since the temperature is too high, the risk of being exposed to heavy sunlight and getting exhausted is high, as well as the photos may turn out to be overexposed. The springtime that comes after winter is a beautiful season, but the atmosphere would be wet and humid. Managing your wedding as well as managing your outfit dry and neat for the pictures could really be a tedious task. So if it’s a possible choice for you to decide when your wedding should be, choose the autumn season because that’s the perfect balance of all the rest of the seasons. It’s not too cold or too hot. There won’t be a presence of humidity, and the lighting would be perfect for photoshoots that will compliment your whole wedding outfit too. So start planning for your beautiful wedding and expect an amazingly curated autumn wedding photo album right away.

The Golden Hour


When it comes to choosing the best time of day for photography, it is no surprise that the first one on the list will be the golden hour because of its inevitable role in the photographer’s regime. The ‘golden hour’, also referred to as magic hour, is the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. The sky will be adorned with golden colours or even a cotton candy shade, which gives the photographs much warm lighting compared to the lighting we get under heavy sunlight. The golden hour has long been the photographer’s favourite time to shoot because of the exposure balance in this time period compared to the rest of the day. So if you want a dreamy outlook to your wedding album pictures and the much-needed drama in your wedding photography, always do a golden hour photo session. You will not regret it.


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The Natural Light 


Most of your candid wedding photos would be clicked while the ceremony is taking place, and an hour or two after the ceremonies and functions, with family or friends. Even though choosing a nightscape wedding is very fairy tale kind and aesthetically pleasing, always go for the daylight photoshoots. Because at the end of the day, the pictures with the natural lights would be the best clicks. The clarity and raw beauty of anything can only be fully captured in natural sunlight.


If you pick a nightscape wedding, the choices and ideas for the wedding photographs can be drastically limited to a few since the lack of light or other factors. You won’t face it when you go for a warm daylight wedding in the outskirts. And the energy differences between these two time ranges can be really distinct. You will be much more refreshed and energized in the daytime, which will be clearly reflected in the images. But at night, as the guests and you would be feeling tired and fatigued dealing with the entire day, it will risk the happiness and candid quotient in the pictures.

The Destination


If you made all the right arrangements and lighting, but the location of the shoot doesn’t match any of the aesthetics or the theme, then all the efforts go in vain. Imagine you have decided to go for the golden hour wedding photography. The wisest choice of destination to make is an outdoor area where the whole golden hour pictures come out all in their glory. For example, a mountain top or a stunning beach area completely elevates the mood of the golden hour photographs. Instead, if you go for an indoor setup, it’s just going to contrast your whole wedding theme. So, in conclusion, all of your decisions regarding the wedding photography and the timings should be in perfect sync with the location you are choosing for the event. 


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