Things to Keep in Mind if the Blue Mountains Is Your Wedding Venue

A wedding is supposed to be a mesmerizing experience that happens in your life once in a lifetime. Tying the knot with your partner is beyond a beautiful feeling. While you are planning your wedding, it is necessary to reflect the beauty of the function in your pictures and event venue. For this, your venue would need a stunning scenic view and picturesque backdrops, mainly the blazing sky and the hills shadowed by clouds. For that dream to come true, Blue Mountains weddings are the way to go. All ceremonies and receptions can have breathtaking backdrops with natural beauty reflecting all over them. They have an impressive list of warehouses, vintage wedding venues, and whatnot. Whatever theme and aesthetic you are looking for on your wedding day, the Blue Mountains has it all. Because the Blue Mountains offers a vast list of venue options to choose from, it can be a strenuous task to choose the right venue and location. So let us help you through the process. Here, you will go through why Blue Mountains weddings are unique and what you should consider if the Blue Mountains is your wedding venue.

What Makes Blue Mountains Standout From the Rest?

Before we jump into the prospective wedding venues for your Blue Mountains weddings, let’s see why people prefer the Blue Mountains and why it is special compared to other wedding locations. This place combines world-famous mountains, valleys, and lush green gardens altogether. The natural aura of this place is uncanny with its unique landscapes and clusters of eucalyptus trees. The Blue Mountains is a mixture of dramatic backdrops, garden walks, valleys, waterfalls, and vintage warehouses built all over the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. All of this makes the Blue Mountains unique compared to the other wedding venues all over Australia.

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Which Is the Best Season to Have Your Blue Mountains Wedding

Since it is famous for its landscape beauty, the Blue Mountains are often flooded with tourists who come to visit this place. Therefore, the appropriate time to conduct your wedding at the Blue Mountains is September – November or February – May. But if you prefer having a winter wedding, take the risk and go for a December wedding when the mountains will be adorned with snow and give you the fairy tale wedding you want and excellent wedding photos. Also, the benefit of having your Blue Mountains wedding at the lowest rush time is that the venue would be under your budget, and you can also have a private and intimate wedding with your loved ones.

The Top Wedding Venues in the Blue Mountains

Chapel Hill Retreat:

This beautiful 35 acres of goodness provides the best location to exchange your wedding vows with your partner. This place consists of a chapel on this vast land, giving all the traditional vibes to your big day. Chapel Hill Retreat is surrounded by bushy green gardens and blue eucalyptus mountains. This is one of the best picturesque backgrounds you can get for your wedding albums as it is both surreal and traditional, but also elegant at the same time. Last but not least, the place can seat many guests, so if you are planning for an extravagant Blue Mountains wedding, the Chapel Hill Retreat will turn out to be the perfect fit.

One & Only Wolgan Valley:

If there is a location in the Blue Mountains where elegance meets serenity, that place is called the One & Only Wolgan Valley. As the name suggests, this place is one in a million. This magical resort offers you everything you need for your wedding. Let it be the extra glam event venue, or luxurious guest accommodation, the One & Only Wolgan Valley provides nothing but the best. A medieval touch to this place makes you feel like a long-lost royalty. And this historical touch is just what your photographer needs to transform your wedding photographs into something not less than a magical royal fairy tale.

Waldara Farm:

Folks nowadays are a lot into country music and the countryside lifestyle. Many people choose the central theme of their wedding as country folk, and it’s taking the wedding event industry by storm. What if you could get this countryside wedding theme without further effort? Yes, that is Waldara farm for you. This place is also a working country farm, which will instantly change your mood from cityscapes to country life on these vast 800 acres of the farm. The residents of a family own it, so you can expect warm hospitality and a homely feel while bonding with your family and loved ones at the wedding. They have ample accommodation capacity and let you customize the rest of the marriage according to your taste.

Ding Dang Doo Ranch:

As the name sounds, the place is also really unique to conduct your dream Blue Mountains wedding. Suppose you are a fan of a minimalistic wedding, which only includes your close circle of family and friends, then you should choose Ding Dang Doo Ranch as your wedding venue. This place offers you a fantastic backdrop of the lakes and the steep valleys, which will serve perfect justice for your wedding photos. In addition, you can choose from two options for your ceremony event: the horse barn event space and the country barn event space. This place will please your minimalistic brain and the idea of an intimate wedding.

Collits Inn:

This vintage barn turned into a cozy inn can be the answer to your vintage-themed Blue Mountains wedding. This place used to offer food and accommodation for travellers who are from countries far away and was used as a restroom for them. All of the travellers were welcomed with warmth and left here with a full stomach and heart. So it won’t be surprising to know that the hospitality of the Collits Inn is definitely going to be an amazing experience for your guests who came to be a part of the biggest day in your life. There is a small, creaky bridge over the small lake near the inn, which can be used as an amazing location for the bride and groom to click some vintage-vibe photos for their wedding album.

Seclusions Blue Mountains:

A marriage is like a blank canvas. You can always turn that canvas into something beautiful and amazing. This is exactly what you can do with your wedding too. An exclusive, customized wedding day for the best bride and groom. Seclusions in the Blue Mountains allow you to do just that. You can turn this vast, beautiful location surrounded by the green and lush blue beauty that is the Blue Mountains into something mesmerizing and eye-catching. This could be the romantic Blue Mountains wedding you have always imagined in your head. They have numerous locations to choose from for your photo shoot needs, which will soak up all the beauty of the Blue Mountains into your wedding pictures. You can both have an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony as the Seclusions allow you the choice.

Burnham Grove Estate:

What about having some well-groomed gardens as the background of your wedding pictures?

Head to Burnham Grove Estate and make this piece of art your wedding venue. The place is on the outskirts of the Blue Mountains, and you can have your perfect Blue Mountains wedding without any noise or interruptions from the flooding tourists. This estate is the ideal spot for having a minimal, intimate wedding ceremony. It is also inclusive, so the wedding reception can also be held at the same venue itself. This will help you a lot in optimizing your wedding budget for the wedding venue. The best part about this location is the plethora of choices they provide for you to do the wedding ceremony and exchange of vows. These choices include a permanent marquee, the Palm Garden and Secret Garden, the barn, and the Croquet Lawn. As the whole place reflects a British country vibe, your wedding photos’ aesthetics are going to be off the roof.

Crowne Plaza – Hawkesbury Valley:

The Crowne Plaza in Hawkesbury Valley will make you want to come back to this place because of the warm hospitality and the facilities they can offer. This wedding venue is situated on the banks of the famous Hawkesbury River, giving you a perfect backdrop for your wedding photography. This place will be an ideal fit if your Blue Mountains wedding is planned as an extravagant celebration that includes a lot of guests and functions. They have enough accommodation capacity and space to include all your needs and let you customize your wedding theme in the area itself. Whichever way you choose, indoor or outdoor, they provide an all-inclusive service that will definitely leave you dumbfounded.

Allview Escape:

Let’s look at the most famous wedding venue in the Blue Mountains—the Allview Escape. The perfectly built glasshouses inside the gardens and the breathtaking views of the Grosse valley are worth enough to call this place a heaven on earth. And who doesn’t want to get married at the gateway to heaven? The best part of the Allview Escape is that it is a very secluded and private space that is entirely away from the hustle and bustle of tourists and away from all the cliche cityscapes. If you are a nature lover and have always wanted to tie the knot with your partner in the lap of nature, then this place will be the best choice you can make to conduct your Blue Mountains wedding.

The Old Farm:

Another one on the famous Blue Mountains wedding venue list is The Old Farm. As we all know, weddings are incomplete without a proper glam photo shoot, which is going to be etched forever as an album holding all the memories you made as pictures. You surely don’t want memories to be captured and created in an isolated indoor room with just a few people around. The Old Farm is where you can come out of this choice. This place provides you with a collection of photo shoot locations and will help the creative juice flow. That includes a lot of ponds, diverse flora and fauna, a pier setup, and last but not least, the wisteria walk. So if your guest list consists of around 80 to 100 people, this can be the best choice to hold your cozy dream wedding.

Parklands Country Gardens:

Parklands Country Gardens: wedding photos

Isn’t it convenient to host all of your wedding functions in one place so that your guests don’t have to go back and forth from one venue to another? Then parklands country gardens should be the choice you should make for that Blue Mountains wedding of your dream. This location allows you to hold your pre and post-wedding photo shoots, the wedding ceremony and reception, and a dance ball if you are conducting. Basically, this is the all-in-one package you never knew you needed. And if you are worried about the accommodation of your loved ones for all of these functions, then they have got you covered there too. A large number of lodges at this location will be enough to accommodate all of the guests at your wedding. And the serene beauty of this place can be the perfect backdrop for your wedding album pictures.

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