How to Come Up With the Best Beach Wedding Photos: An Expert Guide from Riss Photography

The ocean has a romantic quality to it. It’s huge, magnificent, and mind-blowing. It’s no surprise that many couples are drawn to the beach and choose it for their pre-wedding photographs and weddings. Shooting on the sand and in front of the ocean has a lot of possibilities for amazing photographs. Shooting beach wedding photographs, on the other hand, might be difficult. This article is an expert guide for photographers who are planning beach wedding photography. 

For couples and their families, weddings are one of the most important photoshoots they’ll ever have. They’ll have these beach wedding images to look back on for the rest of their lives, so they should be great. Not to mention, all of the Instagram likes those photos could get right now! There are several spots in a resort where the couples can have their wedding that would be beautiful, but nothing beats the beach wedding.

This article is also an expert guide for the couples out there waiting to have the best beach wedding photos to cherish forever. 

First, here’s a complete and expert guide for the photographers on how to come up with the best beach wedding photos. 

The Photographers’ Guide


Silhouettes are an excellent technique to create eye-catching visuals. Concentrate on exposing for the brightest part of the background to allow your pair to be silhouetted. Sunset is an excellent moment to achieve a beautiful silhouette. By exposing the sun, you’ll be able to bring out all of the colours in the sky and ocean, creating a vibrant backdrop for your pair to pose against.

The Best Time to Shoot

This is tailored to the couple’s tastes and can be changed as needed. Every couple wants to capture a unique mood in their wedding photos, so it’s crucial to choose the best time of day to do it.

If you’re looking for something truly romantic, sunset may be the best moment to take those stunning images. This is especially useful if you want to make sure there are no other beachgoers around.

Many people prefer the golden hour because it creates a romantic ambience in which everyone appears to be a model. There’s simply something about the way the ocean looks against the sand, and the golden tones cast by the sun are so beautiful. This is a nice middle ground since it allows the pair to take in both the sun and the sunset.

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Get Candid’s

While having a strategy and the postures you want to achieve are vital, it is the unscripted photos that will make the couples’ hearts sing over and over again. Candid photographs of lovely smiles of affection, spontaneous kisses, and innocent touches can be captured by the photographer. There should be plenty of laughs when the entire wedding party is present. Those will be a blast to look back on as well!

Have Photographs in Various Lighting Conditions

beach wedding by riss productions

Due to changes in light, a beach venue can appear completely different at different times of the day. If your ceremony is during the day, attempt to return to the beach in the evening for some shots. At this time of day, the light will be warm and golden, creating a more romantic appearance than the full midday sun.

Poetic Waves

Take a photo of the beach’s rhythm and flow; it’s like poetry in motion. Capture the bride’s gown flapping, the waves smashing on the shore beneath their feet, and a puff of sand flowing in the breeze. Keep an eye out for these and be prepared to photograph them if you see them. Consider footprints, the animals on the beach, and snapping a photo of the couple moving out of the frame using the reverse active space rule for extra inspiration.

Consider Black and White Shots

You don’t have to have brilliantly coloured images just because you’re getting married on a brightly coloured beach. Beach wedding photos in black and white or sepia can look beautiful, and if your wedding day is gloomy, they will appear even better.


Experiment and have fun by going beyond the safe shots. A beach is a great spot to capture reflections because there are so many possibilities. Arrange the pair for a wonderful reflection near the waves, with clouds in the sky and the sun sinking down to the horizon. For a dynamic photograph, capture other elements that are reflected in the water.

Look for Interesting Backgrounds

The couple does not have to be in front of the ocean in every image. Beaches contain a variety of unique elements that make for great photos. Some beaches, for example, are near enormous, towering cliffs or stunning structures. A strategically placed pier can enhance your beach photography. Even if the couple chooses the beach as their location, make use of the surroundings too.

Shift Your Perspective

On a beach, there are numerous options for creative photography. Take advantage of the many angles to create interesting photos. Tell the couple to take a seat or perhaps dive into the ocean (if they are willing to).

Carefully Place the Horizon

Make sure the horizon line is parallel to the edge of the frame and slightly off centre if you’re having images taken while gazing out to sea. The horizon in the middle of your photograph will give the sense that it is half-cut.

Care Instructions for Your Equipment

The beach may be difficult for your camera, particularly the lenses. You must maintain your equipment to produce the best photographs possible. Bring a lot of zip lock bags to store your batteries, lenses, and camera in when you’re not using them. Make sure no sand gets into the parts, and never put the camera straight on the beach. The cleaning process may harm the lenses.

Now, let’s have a look at the tips for couples to get the best wedding photos.

Couple’s Guide

The soothing sounds of the waves and the white sand provide the most picturesque setting for a destination wedding, particularly when it comes to taking beautiful wedding photos. A beach destination wedding offers so many benefits that it feels like a small vacation for both the couple and their wedding guests. Not only will your wedding photos be stunning, but your guests will have a lot more to enjoy as well. However, it does not appear that arranging a beach wedding is simple. You must look after your guests, and the place you choose must be ideal, taking into account the weather and wedding attire. So, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about seaside wedding photography:

Budget for Beach Wedding Photography

The key to ensuring that all of your amazing beach wedding photography dreams come to fruition is to have a well-constructed budget. Setting a budget, as with any other aspect of wedding preparation, should be one of the first things you and your partner undertake.

Wedding Date and Time Suggestions 

Remember to find out what the weather will be like and when the sunset will happen on your big day, as it is extremely crucial, whether you’re having a sunset ceremony or exchanging vows earlier in the day.

Tell Your Photographer Exactly What You’re Looking For

It is vital to conduct a study to obtain the wedding photographs that you have always desired. This will be simple to accomplish with so much inspiration available! You’ll be in touch with your photographer throughout the planning process, so let them know what you’re looking for as soon as possible. This will enable them to design a day plan that will ensure you get what you want without having to worry about it.

Remember These Tips:

Whatever happens, your wedding photos should look stunning. Simply pose for the moment, smile broadly, and put your faith in your photographer. Just keep these six tips in mind:

  • Have a good time
  • Make sure you and your photographer have plenty of time
  • Make your plans ahead of time
  • Choose the most convenient time for you
  • Allow yourself to be completely involved
  • Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty!

And the beach photographs will undoubtedly be spectacular!

If you’re having your wedding on the beach, it’s a good idea to hire a photographer that specialises in beach weddings. It’s often difficult to capture brilliantly lit landscapes, but a beach photography professional, such as Riss Photography, should have no trouble producing great wedding images because they’ll have the necessary equipment and plenty of experience.

Riss Photography is a Sydney-based wedding photography and videography company that provides excellent wedding video and photo services throughout Australia. Every service you receive from them is guaranteed to be of excellent value and quality. Riss Productions has a group of talented cinematographers and top wedding photographers that are passionate about photography and wedding videography.