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On the brink of an Arabian wedding! Are you on the hunt for an experienced Arabic wedding photographer? Fret not, for you’ve reached the perfect spot. Riss Photography has established its artistic prowess and enthralling charm for wedding photography through exceptional techniques.

In the past few years, we have added an extra milestone to our list of accomplishments: we have earned our reputation as one of the best Arabian wedding photographers in Sydney to capture your Arabian wedding.

We believe that it is paramount to be well-versed in culture before shooting a cultural wedding. So we’ve listed below a few things you need to know about Arabian weddings.

Arabic wedding photography

Arabian Wedding Traditions

Like every other culture, the Arabs have a rich heritage of customs. The manner in which they observe their traditions is truly noteworthy. Let’s sneak a peek at some of the most popular Arab wedding traditions.

Tulba signifies the groom seeking the bride’s hand from her parents. It is his formal permission to marry the girl, and if the family agrees, they give their blessings to the couple by reciting “Surah-Al-Fatiha” in the presence of all. Have this moment recorded in the true beauty of the minute with our event photography services.

Jaha, the groom, visits the bride’s house a second time with his few relatives and close friends. It said that the more men attending the Jaha, the greater the family prestige. For wide-angle coverage of Jaha, Henna, and Fardeh, have a look at our drone wedding photography packages.

Arabic wedding traditions

Narrating the incredible dawn of your fabled forever

A formal engagement is still strictly adhered to in Arabian culture. The engagement follows the jaha. It’s usually a small, intimate ceremony where the bride receives gifts. Nowadays, people refrain from exchanging expensive gifts for engagements.

It’s after the engagement party that the to-be bride and to-be groom get to know more about each other. Relish each nanosecond with engagement photography.

This is one of the most important traditions they follow. The Katb al Kitaab, or signing of the marriage contract, is one of the most emotional moments in the Arab wedding ceremony. The sheikh soon announces the husband and wife as legally married.

Some families usually get the contract signed during the engagement itself. Make the most of our services with effortless wedding photography.

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Get ready to be lured into a mind-boggling era of customs

Mahr refers to the dowry that the groom gives the bride in Islamic wedding customs. This is offered as a form of financial security for the woman in case they are later separated by divorce. The mahr is a woman’s legal right.

The Henna night is organised at the bride’s home a night before the actual wedding is scheduled to take place. For this ritual, women from either family gather together to celebrate the custom.

The wedding festivities are said to begin as soon as the groom picks up the bride. He reaches her home in a car adorned with beautiful flowers. This drive to the groom’s home is known as fardeh, and it is a grand celebration in itself.

For a more personalised wedding photography experience, you can choose wedding videography to rekindle the best of your wedding moments whenever you feel like it.

Yet other popular customs include zaffa, walema, and sabahia.

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Arabic Wedding Attires

Wedding attire for both the bride and groom is something that sweeps the wedding guests off their feet. The beautiful Arab women look gorgeous in their wedding dresses. You just need the best pictures of them to treasure for a lifetime.

And we are known for shooting the intricate details of the breathtaking dress and the handsome suit. We are here to add a touch of artistic beauty to your wedding photography.

The most popular dance performed at Arabian weddings is Dabke which includes line dancing and circle dancing. It is usually performed at joyful occasions like wedding ceremonies.

arabic wedding dress photography

Arabic Food

Arabic weddings are a full-fledged feast, and feasting is yet another of the most important traditions. Waleema is served to the wedding guests by the groom’s family in honour of the wedding.

Each moment of culinary delights and snacking adds a seamless amount of life to your real wedding albums.

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Arab Wedding Photography

All the exquisite moments of your Arabic wedding photography need to be recorded beautifully in real time. Arabic wedding photography requires a whole lot of patience and expertise in order to capture all those euphoric moments and lavish elements.

We make sure to roll in for all the awesome and yet significant traditions you want captured with the essence of the moment.

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Stop by Riss for Your Wedding Photography

We have a tonne of proven experience when it comes to Arabic photography. Riss Photography is the best wedding and pre-wedding photographer in Sydney. With its profound cultural knowledge and extensive experience, Riss knows how to get a hold of your most auspicious and candid wedding moments.

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