Everyone cherishes and looks forward to the most awaited day of their lives—a wedding. The festivities and good moments pass quickly. However, we will continue to ponder on these lovely memories over the next few days, so it’s better to preserve the photographs for future generations.

Hiring a professional and creative wedding photographer who captures the entire event beautifully is one of the most important steps in the wedding planning process is Wedding Photography Shot List.   A wonderful photo album tells the entire fairy tale of the dream wedding moments, from the bachelorette party to the end of the ceremony.

 A Complete Set of Wedding Photographs

It will be an awesome moment for the wedding photographer to capture candid photos of happy, emotional, and funny moments of the family, friends, and guests in the most creative and unique way. For this reason, making a wedding photography checklist is an excellent way to ensure that you and your photographer know what’s important.


wedding photography shot list

Don’t know where to start? From the bachelorette party to the last dance at the reception, we have gathered a list of some must images for wedding photographers to snap.

        1. Magical Moments of Pre-wedding Day

Your wedding morning will be filled with both excitement and stress, and this is the ideal time to capture candid images of your bride-to-be party, as well as the finer elements of your wedding day attire. It’s better not to skip these wonderful occasions:

  • Bridal shower

Magical Moments of Pre-wedding Day : Bridal shower

Before the big event, request that your photographers capture fun moments with your bridesmaids.

  • Brides-to-be moments


This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your closest friends to celebrate the bride-to-be moments and the pre-wedding day.  This will surely bring more happiness to the next day’s celebration.

     2. Wedding Details

During the wedding ceremony, you’ll share some of your most priceless memories and feelings. So photographing invitation letters and sign jewellery will add a golden feather to the wedding album.

  • Invitation letter

Your wedding photos will serve as an everlasting reminder of your big day by capturing the photos of your invitation suites. You can give instructions to your photographers on how to frame the background scene for taking the photos of invitation card by placing favourite flowers or a tiny bouquet nearby.

  •  Special symbols


Special symbol to shot list for you wedding day

With the help of numerous symbols, such as candies, lollipops, fingerprint gems, and much more, families can be portrayed in a variety of ways. Despite being all contained in the same bottle, the variously coloured candies and lollipops represent the various members of the family.


  • The wedding rings

Wedding Details : the wedding ring

Wedding rings serve as a symbol of the couple’s love. When you see a magnified image of your wedding rings after years and years, it will make you happy and bring back memories.

   3. Moments of Getting Ready

The most expected event in a bride’s life is beginning to prepare for her wedding. While getting ready, there are so many cute things to capture.

  • Wedding Jewels

Moments of Getting Ready : wedding jewels

Wedding jewellery is one of the main attractions, so taking gorgeous pictures of all of your wedding accessories will serve as a reminder for the future.

  •  Wedding dresses

Moments of Getting Ready: wedding dresses

Instruct the photographer to take amusing or sentimental pictures while getting dressed with the assistance of your favourite family member or friend.

  • Tiny bouquets in brides’ and grooms’ wedding attire

Tiny bouquets in brides' and grooms' wedding attire

Ask your photographers to capture a snap of a tiny bouquet in the bridal suites.

      4. The Awesome Ceremony Shots 

 Here are some ceremony shots that must be in a wedding photo album

  • First look snaps


First Look for your big day

Wedding photographers must capture the bride and groom’s or father and daughter’s first look. The images will be fantastic if the photographers choose outdoor scenic beauty for the first look shots.

  • Welcome gifts for guests 


Wedding gifts for guest

The real essence of a wedding will reflect on the cheerful faces of guests. They will definitely enjoy receiving small floral gifts or notes. So candid snaps of these moments will definitely capture the real feel of the wedding, even years later.

  • Brides walking down the aisle


Every father always loves to see this photo. Seeing the daughter as the lovely bride is one of the most treasured feelings on the wedding day. To their fathers, daughters are always princesses. The daughter will be truly dressed for the occasion like a princess, and witnessing such a treasured moment will go on in his memories forever. Allow the photographers to take pictures without losing the real essence of the moment.

  • Grooms Reaction

grooms reaction

It’s an adorable moment when the groom first sees his beautiful bride, and it’s much more fascinating to capture these special moments when they are being felt. The picture will convey all of the feelings, including love, joy, and excitement. These will undoubtedly be the day’s photos.

  • The vow momentThe vow moment

The bride cannot stop reading her vows to the groom once she starts. We adore this image of a bride reading a love letter to her groom in particular. Capturing the special moments naturally will enhance the feel of the photo. 

  • The feel of the first kiss

The feel of the first kiss

As we know, no wedding ritual is complete without the newlyweds’ first kiss. The genuine happiness and smiles that led to their first kiss are so heartwarming. If the photographer chooses a scenic location for this, then you will get an adorable candid photo of your first kiss.

  • The wedding cake


The wedding cake

The wedding cake, One of the main rituals of the wedding ceremony is cutting the cake and eating it together. Choosing the cake that matches the wedding theme is as important as picking the wedding accessories. Prior to cutting the cake, remember to take a picture of it!

  • The wedding feast

The wedding photograph of the elaborate feast also reflects the traditions and cultures of the family. The candid photo of family members during the wedding feast provides an idea of who attended the ceremony.

  • Tossing florals

The bride and groom are grateful for this unique chance to share their wedding day with loyal friends. When the bridesmaids catch the bouquet the bride throws, a magnificent photograph can be captured.

    5. Fun Together

The wedding ceremony takes on more colour when fun moments are added. Capturing funny moments with friends and family as they happen will bring back memories even after years have passed.

  • Family portrait

Family portrait

Most family portraits consist of everyone just standing there together. However, if you’d rather turn this circumstance into something special, allow your photographers to capture some fun moments of parents or grandparents spending time with other family members. The entire event is always recounted through this scene.

  • Posing with pets

Posing with pets

Only a pet parent understands and cares for their pet’s affection for them. A pet lover who is shopping for wedding accessories will purchase a lovely dress with extras like socks and hats for their pets. One thing to keep in mind is that the location should allow pets. Posing the photograph alongside your pet will create an enduring memory for you.

  • Laughing together

Laughing together

Meeting your true partner and getting married is the most amazing and anticipated time of your life. So, you can be sure that the laughter that comes from their faces will be real and full of joy.

  • Waving after getting married

Waving after getting married

The newlyweds have arrived and are walking forward while waving to everyone. The joy and beauty on their faces convey the enthusiasm and energy in this picture.

Sum Up

Wedding photography shot list

As we all know, a wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life, and it is something that everyone cherishes. After the day, the fun, joy, excitement, and all of these magical moments will be gone. So, by keeping wedding photos, the whole story of the wedding will always be fresh in your mind.

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