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RISS Photography is a professional wedding photography and wedding videography business based in Sydney, offering professional wedding video and photo services all over Australia. We assure value and ideal quality for every service you receive. Our company is a team of highly proficient cinematographers and top wedding photographers who are enthusiastic about storytelling and portraiture.

Our top wedding photographers love capturing raw emotions, and our professional wedding photography style is unobtrusive, path-breaking, relaxed, and trend-setting, which makes your wedding even more memorable. Our real fascination in artistry and photography, as well as our industry experience and state-of-the-art equipment, help us to immortalise the precious wedding moments of your life.

Riss Productions is a Sydney based, professional wedding photography company which provides the best in class wedding photography services all across Australia. At Riss Productions, we guarantee the utmost quality and value for each service you’ll receive. We are a group of adept photographers who are avid about portraiture style and storytelling technique.

Our professional Wollongong wedding photographers love documenting raw emotion, and our approach to wedding photography is unobtrusive, trend-setting, relaxed and path-breaking, that turns your nuptials more indelible. Our true fascination lies in photography and artistry and our top-notch equipment and industry experience aids us to eternalise the valuable memories of your lifetime. Contact us for Wedding Photography and video.


Best Wedding Photographers

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Aussie Wedding Photography & Cinema

Being the top wedding photographers in Sydney, we captivate the perfect moments of your special day without missing any detail and create memorable images that express true love, emotions, and happiness.

Being the premium wedding photographers in Sydney, we document the best moments of your Aussie wedding without forgoing any details and create indelible shots that convey heartfelt love, emotions and joy.


We are a collective of creative wedding photographers who provide fine art, exquisite and candid wedding photography services. Being aware of the essence of each person and couple, we possess a completely individualistic approach to every photography session. Being an award winning photography vendor with over 10 years of experience in covering weddings of countless couples, when you book us, rest assured that you are in hands that you can truly trust. Contact us for Wedding Photography & video.

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Indian Wedding Photography & Cinema

We relentlessly keep the creativity and quality in our work and capture the romantic and passionate wedding memories with our heart and soul.

We have a wealth of experience capturing innumerable revelries of couples who belong to varying Indian states and religions, from Punjabi to Marathi and from Hindu to Muslim. Right from the day you associate with us, we will ceaselessly get engaged in all your pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies such as Engagement, Sangeet, Mehendi, Baraat, wedding and reception.

We relentlessly maintain the quality and inventiveness of what we do and document the passionate and lovey-dovey wedding moments putting in our heart and soul. Contact us for Wedding Photography & video.

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Pakistani Wedding Photography

We craft the entirety of your best day ever in such a way that matches your style and comfort level so that you could cherish those priceless moments forever and serve as a legacy of family history for generations to come.

We have a wealth of experience in capturing Pakistani weddings. We do cover all the age-old customs and cultural practices which makes Pakistani weddings such a remarkable affair. Whether it is the Mayun ceremony, mangni ceremony, or Mehendi, the actual ceremony, Rukhsati or the reception that lasts for a couple of days, let us capture the rawness of the emotions of each of these blithely moments.


Our wedding photographers craft the wholeness of one of the most meaningful and indelible days of your life in a manner that goes well with your style and level of ease so that you could treasure those priceless memories for a lifetime and serve as a legacy of family history for your future generations. Contact us for Wedding Photography & video.

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Riss Photography specializes in capturing natural and spontaneous beloved moments that reflect the happiness and laughter as it happened. We offer the expertly crafted memories of your wedding-day bliss as the leading wedding photography in Sydney.

We also specialise in documenting the raw, unprompted beloved memories which reflect the joy and giggles as it occurred. We provide the adeptly crafted moments of your big day blithe as the topmost wedding photographers Sydney. 

We are fully cognizant of the nuances of Fiji Indian weddings that makes it such a special occasion such as Tilak, Telwaan, Bhatwaan, Kava, Parcha, Kanyadaan and Saptapadi ceremonies. We see to it that nothing is left to chance. Contact us for Wedding Photography & video.

Our wedding Photographers have extensive experience under their belt for documenting weddings of couples from Fiji Indian cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

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Bangladeshi Wedding Photography & Cinema

We are not just the top wedding photography, but also the outstanding wedding videography in Sydney. Our team strives towards documenting every little detail of your inestimable day that people can watch and enjoy for many generations to come.

Replete all its customs and vibrance, capturing a Bangla wedding no matter if it’s a Hindu or a Muslim wedding is a pleasure in itself. Having extensive experience in covering Bangladeshi weddings across Australia, we can be your best bet to document your big day by our Bangladeshi wedding photography services. We can be your best bet for your festivities such as Henna ceremony, Gaye holud, Bibahobie, Bou bhat etc. Contact us for Wedding Photography & Video.

We endeavour to capture every minute detail of your auspicious day that you can treasure for years to come. We provide a one-stop solution for all your Bangladeshi wedding photography and related services inclusive of the wedding reception as well as pre-wedding photography.

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lebanese wedding photography & Cinema

By capturing the heart-warming precious moments, we create the magic of weddings through both images and videos.

Through documenting the heart-warming priceless memories, we make the magic of weddings through photographs. Here at Riss Productions, we can bestow you with the services of an outstanding Lebanese photographer who will take out the very best of such a vibrant affair and portray it in an indelible manner which will document your precious moments in premium quality. Contact us for Wedding Photography & Video.


You can relax and revel yourself on your special day aware that we will merely document the perfect shots of the most fondest moments like the dance performances, the decor, your wedding outfits, and everything else that reflects the true charm of your wedding.

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Best Wedding Photographers

Amazing Turkish couple

We are of the opinion that what made our wedding photography services well favoured is the professional and laid-back style we create. If you’re camera-shy then rest assured that you will have moments of laughter and our wedding photographers will walk you along the entire process. We constantly receive comments from content couples regarding how we made the couples seem relaxed and the fun they had in the day. Contact us for Wollongong Wedding Photographers.

Every bride or groom, bridal party and little ones has a special story to tell and our part as storytellers is to capture the day to create exquisite imagery and moments. Renowned for our knack of utilising natural light to document intimate moments, we also take an unobtrusive way to document the spontaneity and emotions of couples.

We feel fortuitous to spend a tremendous amount of time with the couple on their big day and about the fact that we have a significant influence on the emotional atmosphere and pace of your wedding. Just imagine- how it will be if you regarded wedding photos as a way of documenting and treasuring memories, but as a method of jogging your emotions? In a way, photographs not just help you reminisce memories but also help you re-feel those memories. Contact us for Wedding Photography & video.

We feel very lucky to have captured couples from many different locations in Australia. We will be more than happy to get to know you and talk through your wedding photography further. Feel free to buzz us on 0431 679 653 to clear any doubts regarding what we do. Contact us for Wedding Photography & Video.

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