Imagine innumerable wedding photos stored in hard disks, enveloped in dust and those albums in your Facebook profile titled “Wedding photos” or simply those Instagram posts. 

Your wedding photos will be scattered all across various digital devices and properties and will be there every time, just a click away. But a printed wedding album that rests on your coffee table is always available and acts as a window to one of the most cherished and happiest moments in your life. 

If you’ve ever wondered- should I invest in a wedding album or not, then here are a few of the reasons why you should get a printed wedding album to showcase your wedding photoshoot

The Experience 

Everything has become digital in this image-saturated world where we live. All of a sudden when you wish to find your favourite wedding photos, you have no other choice, but dig through your Facebook or Instagram profile or swipe through the images on your phone. That being said, everyone craves physical objects having some meaning. Years from now, when you wish to go through those timeless moments, what sounds like a much more pleasant experience- is it just probing through your drawers to find that USB drive, or gathering around the computer, or instead, taking out that hidden object down from your shelf, cosying up in the sofa with your better half, enjoying your favourite beverages and reliving good old memories together?

Wedding albums are something which is more convenient to take out in at any moment. Perhaps you just glanced over and saw it resting on the shelf. Most likely you may pull it down from the shelf when they are hiding in plain sight. 

When your friends come over, you can also bring it out and share the memories with those who skipped attending your wedding. Why not commemorate one of the greatest and happiest moments in your life and show off the results of days and months of planning?

It Tells a Story 

A wedding album is nothing but a curated narrative of your big day, where you’re compelled to choose the best photos, instead of every single photo, and that too in the chronological order. Even though the online gallery can be a great place to store all your wedding images well organised in one place, a wedding album is the most appealing and best way to showcase just your favourites. 

When telling a story, everything like size, layout and pacing are taken into account. Every single spread has a different emotional implication that gives you much time to stop and reflect that moment. Taken as an example, you can choose to have one portrait that you absolutely love really large on a page. Also, a page from the reception, when it was much zestful and a lot of things were going on at the same time, can have a lot of images scattered over the page. 

wedding album


Wedding albums are an investment. You can order one for gifting even years after your wedding. Wedding albums can be a meaningful gift for your loved ones that they will treasure forever. They make wonderful birthday or anniversary gifts also. One such example is the parent album. Perhaps your parents helped chip in for your nuptials and you want to show them how grateful you are to them. The wedding photos on our smartphone or computers could have never brought a smile on their face when they glance at the wedding album. Grandparents will also just love printed albums over the challenge of wondering how to access and download all the wedding images. 

Back up Plan 

There exists a chance that you may lose the data from your memory cards or hard drive or may get locked out of your Facebook or Instagram account. And most of them won’t keep a backup for their data. If that’s the case, then the memories which are captured and stored will be lost, to never return. 

Or what if you lose your USB? Or imagine the situation when the hard drive crashes, even if you have backed it up? Or even if you’ve uploaded the images to the cloud, but you deleted it accidentally? Technology is ever-evolving and what seemed to be an image of good-quality may look either pixelated or low-resolution when viewed in holograms and screens in future. Just think about that first camera phone that you ever had, and you’ve now understood the change. Wedding albums can be a great backup of your most favourite snaps and it’s less likely to get misplaced or recreated. 

In short, you end up making a compilation of images that reflect the ones who really mattered and the moments that you won’t get back. Albums also reduce the hassle of going through hundreds and thousands of wedding photos on a digital screen. 

It Makes a Timeless Keepsake 

A printed wedding album makes a wonderful family heirloom. Down the road, you’ll be able to relive those wonderful moments for years to come with your husband and children. Just imagine how it will be when you have a wedding album with the photos in succession to show your kids and grandkids one day. 

It will be such an exciting moment to show your kids the day when their father and mother got married, and all the love that ensued. Nowadays, kids have forgotten for long how a book can be special, and being able to show them all the fond memories is something that they’ll never forget. 

But it’s extremely important to invest in a professional wedding photography and videography that can stand the test of time as well as elements. 


Quality is an additional reason why you should get hold of an album from your professional wedding photographer. You have spent a fortune of your wedding budget for photography, and then why not print the pictures at a place that won’t match the professional images that you have paid for? When you choose to print the images, you’re actually ensuring that those images will be printed on a paper having the highest quality and colour match. The quality is such that the album lasts at least for 100 years!

All the pages are thick enough and neither bend nor stick together. Since the quality of printing is time-tested and top-notch, the images won’t fade away. 

Each Album Can be Designed Uniquely and Customized to Fit Your Style

If it is to showcase the details of your big day or make it a centrepiece over your coffee table, the album can look and feel exactly how you want it to be. With leather bindings, custom engraving, linen fabrics, and suede finishings, and more, the album can be customised to fit your style and home. Every single spread can be designed so as to display just your favourite snaps. 

The design of a wedding album matters a lot. It can be something light, with no more than 20 sheets, or can be a heavy one in a traditional style which can take up your entire dining table. 

As a married couple, a wedding album is a very first thing that you will own together. Your most special day can be shown off in the best, sentimental and most beautiful way possible. And it doesn’t matter how many times you look at the album and cherish each moment, it will always be priceless.