When it comes to wedding photography, all the pressure is on you. From not missing important occasions to your camera running out of charge, a good photographer is always prepared to face the worst situations.

Here are 5 quick situations you can anticipate during a wedding shoot.

The Family Photo Instructor



No matter how long you have been in the industry as a photographer, there are always people from the family asking you to click the pictures in a particular way. This is a big bother and an offense for a wedding photographer. 

How to deal with it? If you don’t wish to ruin your reputation as a photographer, your best option is to remain silent about it. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing methods. One wrong approach can impact your career. You can smile and let them know that it’s a great idea. Or if you have already clicked the picture, smile and let them know that they have covered the area. This will give them a sense of confidence and reliability over your photography. You can even ask the family prior to the event if they are looking for any particular photography style. 


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No Clarity on the Event Agenda



There may be occasions where the photographer may have backed out at the last moment. You wouldn’t know the time of the wedding. When you are planning to pack up, there could be an after party.

How to deal with it? During such mishaps, the photographer must get in touch either with the wedding couple or with the best man. They can guide you or brief you through the entire event plan for the day. 

Missing out on Important People



There are always cases where you miss out on clicking photos of important people in the wedding. These issues could either be because you don’t know the guests or you got engaged in setting up the equipment or changing the batteries. 

How to deal with it? Talk to the wedding coordinator who will help you in finding the important guests. Have a backup camera. Don’t waste time switching batteries. Let your assistant do that job.

Running out of Charge/Memory



If you have had sufficient experience as a photographer, you would know how long the charge and memory of your device would last. But there may be unprecedented occasions when your battery’s charge may run out sooner than anticipated due to prolonged use. 

How to deal with it? Do not wait to swap batteries or memory cards for space. Do not waste time on deleting irrelevant pictures. Everything should have been done prior to the wedding. Your best option is to carry an extra pair of batteries and memory cards, no matter the duration of the event.

Poses for the Bride & Groom



It is the responsibility of the photographer to instruct poses for the bride and the groom. More than 43% of the wedding couples are unsure of their wedding poses and thus seek the help of an experienced person. 

How to deal with it? Stay updated on pinterest and other photography+social media pages. You will be surprised how many new poses are struck everyday! You can always follow RISS Productions for the latest innovations in wedding photography. Get in touch with us for wedding shoots and collaborations.